Question 35

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  1. Being me.

  2. Gabe:

    Experience emotions. As a bi polar 21 year old, I feel the most incredible joys and deepest sorrows. I don’t think I would have it any other way.

  3. Cassie:

    The way I don’t care how I dress. Or what people think of me.

  4. Madrykson:

    Eat my pizza backwards. And smile.

  5. Jamie Rose:


  6. i am brilliant at reasoning ~_~

    i’ve done lots of stupid things in my life but i always manage to reason myself out of them, walking away without feeling too guilty 😛

  7. junior:

    I enjoy finding what I’m looking for in stores, so if I’m having trouble and need a clerk’s assistance, I ask them to show me where something is that I suspect will be NEAR what I need so I can still find what I was looking for myself. Example: Can’t find toothpaste? Ask where the mouthwash is.

  8. Jake:

    I think differently than other people. I’m sure that similarities occur (or I would probably be far more insane than I am ^_^), but I see the world so differently than other people. In a good way, as I tend to be happy almost all the time. It’s like breathing sapphire, and smelling joy.

  9. Jackie:

    I don’t quit a race even when I’m last. Someone has to be last.

  10. yourothermom:

    The way I hate everyone I meet at a certain point. :’D

  11. Mason Small:

    At my age, It is rare to find someone who is completely aware of the fact that I am still learning, I’ve been told I will die, and I’ve overcome that. I understand the true value of life. I’m 17 and I can confidently say that I look forward to the mistakes I will make because they will teach me and push me forward.
    Oh and I’m the only person I’ve ever known to be able to answer the meaning of life in 1 word: “Choice…” just give that some thought

  12. Romer Jed:

    I consistently sacrifice my time and myself to help others, and unlike others I try my best to keep to my convictions and believe in human kindness.

  13. Sylwia:

    I dance with my boyfriend where there is no music. All the time.

  14. time:

    I see the bigger picture.

    Most people I know can only comprehend their own very small world, which is approximately a two foot radius extending out from themselves.

  15. J:

    As I grow older, I will look back and see that my thoughts now are “stupid”. So I see that I’m naive, and young, and utterly imperfect. As are others.

  16. Abtin:


  17. Rich:

    Maybe not better than everyone,but I seem to be able to make friends quickly and easily.It’s not rocket science.Simply treat others with courtesy and respect.

  18. The Rev:

    Be a Unitarian Universalist minister.

  19. Johann:

    I brush my teeth in the shower.

  20. joe:

    the way i react to certain situations

  21. I randomly pull my car over to take a picture of something if it captivates my eye.

  22. Jake Belyeu:

    Dream, heal, and love

  23. Haeli Halloran:

    Im not your typical girl, i have that whole crazy just want to have fun side, and also the chill sensitive side. Girls and their drama annoy me, Im so grateful that Im not catty and oblivious like them. The way I stand up for what i believe in and I dont let anyone walk all over me and still the biggest sweetheart. Im down to earth, and pretty wise for only being 17. For the most part people say that im a guys perfect girl, idk why or how to explain it ha

  24. Mallory:

    The way I live my life,and the things I do. The way I treat people and the emotions I feel and the way I deal with my emotions. And the way I look at the world

  25. Samantha:

    I am optimistic about everything. Everything.

  26. Franz:

    Im the best at smiling or laughing during the worst times or disaster.

  27. Dani:


  28. Sistah:

    Think, although I wish I thought more like Jake most of the time. I think I will, therefore
    making me similar.

  29. Steven:

    I strive to practice selflessness.

  30. bobby:

    I don’t want to do things for myself.
    I enjoy the most to enable other people to accomplish their dreams.

  31. fight

  32. Akriti:


  33. Adel:

    Live. Differently at that.

  34. EmilyBee:

    worry about others


    aanddd the first thing i do when i get in the shower is wash my hands 😛

  35. Ray:

    i think about what im doing before i do it. i weigh out the pros and cons, possible consequences, i’m extremely level headed. i’m only 15, but i feel like i act like i’m middle-aged. i’ve always been so independent, and i can make all of my own decisions, because i know what i want out of life.

  36. Chelsea:

    The way I think and perceive absolutely everything in life. To me, it’s incredibly bizarre and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


    The fact that I say “I love you” to my family members when ever anyone goes to bed or leaves the house, just so I know that if something happens to any of us, I know that that last thing they will think of me, or I think of them knowing is “I love you.”

  38. Gabbo:

    The way I hear music. I see colours, scenes, and when I decide to, a keyboard for seeing the notes as I hear them. I get a different feeling from each timbre, especially when an instrument is muted or modified. I ‘see’ layers of sounds, and can separate and pick through them like wires in a computer. I’m sure there are other people to whom sound is physically tangible, though.

  39. i sense other peoples emotions or what theyre trying to say before theyre said

  40. Meghan:

    I hold my breath while passing a cemetery.
    &I plug my nose when I sneeze.

  41. April:


  42. I do not believe in God, but do not despise or not tolerate those who do not believe as I do.

  43. Aimee:

    We are all a little different in everything we do. I breath at my own pace. I walk at my own speed. I think in my own way. I see the world through the experiences I’ve had which will never exactly match those of other people. I am entirely different. Just like everybody else.

  44. Amanda:


  45. Ris:

    Coming up with unrealistic situation that actually make sense in some strange way

  46. dani:


  47. Nick:

    I enjoy the simple things.

  48. anon:

    I don’t over-exaggerate situations. I keep myself calm in all scenarios. I’m a licensed first-aider.

  49. Michael Hitchcock:


  50. Rowena:

    Live. Love. Think. Do.

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