Question 700

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51 Responses to “Question 700”

  1. Danish:

    worries and judgement.

  2. Leena:

    In all honesty, the first thing that came to mind was ‘assholes’.

  3. negativity and heartache

  4. m:

    not sleep… hate

  5. Robert L:

    Thers too much hate…

  6. g:

    mean thoughts and even worse, paranoia & greed

  7. Blink:

    Greed, insensitivity, love for others, compassion, and a lot of the time just general intelligence that seems to be going downhill.

  8. Wesley:

    Greed. People who only think of their wants and needs, and not how they affect others.

  9. Leila:

    lust instead of love.

  10. Lazlo:

    irrational hate and limitless greed

  11. Mao:

    Negativity and dissatisfaction – all of which come about when reality does not match up to one’s expectations.

  12. Riki:


  13. LulúM:


  14. Rachel:


  15. consumption.

  16. Nina:

    Hatred & prejudice.

  17. Firefly:

    Anger and impatience.

  18. Inge:

    I agree with Leena on this one!

  19. Laila:


  20. Alex:

    Greed and judgment.

  21. jw:


  22. Bluejay:

    War caused by hatred and greed.

  23. Beverly Archer:

    Self centeredness

  24. Evelyn:

    People not caring about their life or other one’s life.

  25. dada:

    shit tv programs 🙂

  26. Tony:

    suffering and misfortune

  27. Alicia:

    Apathy and lack of a willingness to listen/understand. It is very difficult to make people care about something, even if it is just a toy in a store. There’s a reason advertisements are everywhere, even at the bottom of this very page and most major websites. There’s a reason people will lobby Congress to get rid of the too-loud-commercials on T.V. but not lobby for human rights. People don’t act unless they really care.

    It’s hard to get people to care about something, let alone care enough to listen long enough to communicate something you feel is important to them.

  28. Lauren:


  29. winston:

    GREED and people

  30. Danielle:

    Judgement, violence, sickness..

  31. Heather:


  32. Fiona:

    Hypocrisy and unwillingness to act on the things we complain about.

  33. Debi:

    Profanity, I hate hearing the F-bombs at the mall, on the school campuses, in polite conversation. How did that happen, when did we forget to be civil to each other, and why is it acceptable to be vulgar? makes me sad and offended!

  34. Portia:


  35. Rina:


  36. Becca:

    Unabashed Ignorance…

  37. Courtney:


  38. Luke:


  39. Rayton:


  40. cassy:


  41. erwin:


  42. Jason B:

    hate, greed and prejudice

  43. Bk:

    Greed, Hatred, Hypocrisy and Corruption

  44. Heidi:


  45. Lauren:

    Judgment and pain…..

  46. Me:


  47. Melanie:


  48. Me:

    hate 🙁

  49. bieler:


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