Question 702

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  1. Wesley:

    My story.
    I’m starting to learn that everyone has a story, no matter how dull they think their life might be.

  2. Krys Rodriguez:

    Nothing. And that’s what keeps me sane; they’re all just like me somehow.

  3. Ð:

    I think it is my talent and passion for computers.
    People out here are just going doing stuff for the sake of doing it.But I think its is ability to dream big and passion,the combination of which can take me very far.I want to do something big,huge in this field,and I know I have the capability.I can work on my passion insanely, and this thing together with the wanting of becoming someone big is what makes someone big,and I think one day I am going to be one of them.

    Secondly I think it is my ability to think and analyse problems very wisely and give intelligent answers.

  4. V3nD1:

    My mind makes me unique, one of a kind, different then them all.

  5. I am different cause I am plain and simple ME. Nobody else is like me or else we all would just be boring clones of each other 🙂

  6. anon:

    the way I see people

  7. Nina:

    My sense of humor and the way I view things; I seem to have a slightly different perspective (or so I’ve been told).

  8. C.M. Beck:

    I don’t dream of being a millionaire… i dream of being happy with a loving family. This is something i feel most people overlook.

  9. jw:

    my personality

  10. Robert L:

    I’m different because i’m me.
    No one else can be me and i cant be anyone else.

  11. Mike G:

    Nothing. What makes us all alike is that we are all different and shouldn’t be categorized as a group of anything. Live your own life and the rest just falls into place.

  12. Danni:

    My passions and my mind

  13. dada:

    me , myself and I 🙂

  14. Danielle:

    The decisions you make, the people you surround yourself with, your outlook on life, interests etc. What makes me different is the same as everyone else.. but different. 😉

  15. Rob:

    My mind doesn’t work quite like everyone elses. I think a level or 2 deeper and longer.

  16. Heather:

    my DNA

  17. Fiona:

    The way I choose to deal with things. That goes for anyone.

  18. ankita:

    the way i think I live my goals and desires the way
    I treat people:)!

  19. Courtney:

    I’m a transformer.
    More than meets the eye.

  20. Erika:

    the ability to be myself

  21. The fact that everybody is unique. There is nobody else like me. We all have different preferences, different ideas, and different points of view … but that is what makes us interesting, even those we perceive to be dull and ignorant.

  22. Teo Hafi Vedat Sel - Gurieli:

    In my way of life there is no consept like that at all.Im me end they are them.Simple as that.

  23. UC_86:

    I’m polydactyl. 🙂

  24. Rayton:

    My attitude towards the world. It is somehow fantastic and fable-like, the belief in grander concepts as fulfilment and destiny, that everything´s possible, and that each person´s history is a great story of itself. This, alongside my personality, makes me different and unique.

  25. Debbie:

    The way I analize people, it’s something I will always do: I like to discover people’s true feelings and thoughts, even if they’re not positive.

  26. Lauren:

    Everything…. Not been a good thing, learning to use it as a good thing.

  27. Úna:

    How I lightly punch the people I love and how I act very calm around the people who I don’t.

  28. Melanie:

    I don’t care what people think of me.

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