Question 705

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43 Responses to “Question 705”

  1. Richard:

    What I need most right now is to my wife 🙂

  2. m:

  3. Drew:

    For these stitches to heal. My wisdom are gone, all I can eat is Jello and I’m God damn hungry!
    First World Problems, right?

  4. Kat:

    a hug 🙂

  5. D:

    a job

  6. freak:

    Love .. a Person to care for me support me during hard times

  7. Inge:


  8. Ravi:

    nothing. everything or everyone i met or came in contact with resulted in disappointment. I got disappointed because I expected something every time. so i am learning to meet with love and no expectation of any kind at all.

  9. a life

  10. jw:


  11. Leah:

    passion for life

  12. Rob:

    A simple continuation of the peace I currently feel.

  13. LOVE

  14. Wesley:

    Agreed Rob. …Honestly, right now I couldn’t ask for much more.

    I have a job that sufficiently pays for college, food, and fun. I have a lovely girlfriend whom I have some amazing summer plans with. I’m finally doing well in school and have a basic plan.

    I suppose if I had to ask for anything it would be the ability to visit some faraway relatives.

  15. Courtney:

    A Passion…..fruit 🙂

  16. dada:

    I need a personal trener 🙂

  17. to know who my better half is..and to know there’d be love forever

  18. Robert L:

    Love… Or someone to love

  19. Tessa:

    a hug…

  20. Rina:

    A really big hug. :'[

  21. Sue:

    Peace. Just peace.

  22. Alicia:

    To hug my boyfriend, answers, and solutions.

  23. Carrie R.:

    a boyfriend that doesnt cheat

  24. RubiaS:

    Again, Forgiveness!

  25. Becca:


  26. Amy:

    Answers before I move

  27. Heather:

    self respect…and confidence…but I guess they are kind of one in the same…not exactly but close

  28. UC_86:

    To lose ~110 pounds.

  29. Fiona:

    A slap in the face with reality. :/

  30. Rayton:

    A really close friend, that I truly understand him/her and vice versa.

  31. Debbie:

    True support and some love from my bf.

  32. Sophia:

    New places to be.

  33. Vana:


  34. Moni:


  35. Lauren:

    Patience and faith….

  36. Lauren:

    A sign….

  37. Me:


  38. Melanie:

    For someone to tell me that it will all be okay.

  39. Debi:

    might sound greedy but an unlimited amount of money in the checking account would be awesome right now. I would love to be rich. Just wishing, hoping, dreaming, thinking, laughing now…

  40. Kotie:

    Someone to see past my wall.

  41. Hane:


  42. My love and a snuggle.

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