Question 707

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40 Responses to “Question 707”

  1. jw:

    There is someday they will leave this world.

  2. m:

    sleep is important.. everything happens for reason, it just takes someone that believes to understand.

  3. Courtney:

    It takes time build a relationship with someone

  4. Elize:

    That we are all the same

  5. V3nD1:

    That there are no problems in life, only opportunities.

  6. That no matter what, everything will pass …

  7. Ravi:

    To listen, to understand and to see

  8. Ravi:

    You need to pause, stop to see. If you are always running you cannot see the truth.

  9. Rob:

    You need to look after yourself before you will be able to look after anyone else

  10. Rachel T:

    We too are just animals.

  11. Javier:

    Time is more important the money.

  12. Asker:

    No one else has a right to their life.

  13. Robert L:

    Nothing lasts forever, but the memories last a lifetime

  14. Carrie R.:

    That Life is short so live like today is your last!!!

  15. Tash:

    That they are responsible for their own state of mind… its your choice if you want to be happy!

  16. Andrew G:

    People often forget they are human. And to that extent they are capable of remarkable greatness, as well as unspeakable horror. It is their choice and theirs alone which to choose.

  17. MSandfor:

    That we always have a choice

  18. Wesley:

    Money should be spent carefully.

  19. dada:

    that familly is most important

  20. Lumi:

    to say ”thank you” …

  21. JJ:

    To smile. Smiling for the simplest of reasons, opens the door to positivity

  22. Amy:

    Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay its not the end.

  23. Paisley:

    We have eyes in the front of our heads so that we look forward not backwards.
    When nothing goes right, go left
    Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they are right.
    You can’t spell ‘Beautiful’ without ‘Be You’.
    Life is too short to live with regrets.

  24. NIkhil:

    no1 is permanent here

  25. Heather:

    Today isn’t the end of the world. Life goes on, so go on with it.

  26. Jack:

    You can become whoever you want if you believe in yourself.

  27. Alicia:

    You will rarely make a good decision if you are desperate, scared, or upset.

    It’ll be okay.

  28. Luke:

    There always be a way when you get there.

  29. UC_86:

    That you are not an accident. That you were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly placed on the Earth by God. He knows you inside and out…even all your faults…and loves you anyway.

  30. walks with giants:

    simply, life goes on…

  31. Alex:

    In order to suceed you must cooperate with other people!

  32. There are things we are not meant to hold or keep.

  33. Debbie:

    I agree with Amy!

  34. Rayton:

    That despite being hard at times, life can be amazing and fun!

  35. Sophia:

    We are never alone even if it feels like it.

  36. Lauren:

    When we stop seeking to find, we will find what we seek….

  37. Me:

    that beyond a limit it hurts…sometimes BADLY!

  38. Hane:

    that life’s too short to waste

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