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  1. Leena:

    You need to genuinely like each other. I think to many people stay together only for sake of having a relationship.

  2. thefuture:

    Communication is key. Once you stop talking the relationship suffers severe consequences.

  3. Courtney:

    Trust. Gotta trust each other to make it work.

  4. Leila:

    It’s not all about you.

  5. Blink:

    That 100% honesty is how it’s supposed to be. And you’re both their for each other, not for yourselves

  6. Drew:

    Take an honest look at yourself, regularly. Take an honest look at the other person, regularly.

    Sometimes you just need to sit down, shut up, and do it, because that’s what you do for the people you love.

  7. Jessica:

    Communication isn’t just about one person talking, but both taking their time to talk and listen.

  8. Ravi:

    A relation is a contract that is renewed every minute.

  9. Richard:

    Communication in the key. Without it you don’t have a relationship.

  10. Rob:

    Look after yourself first. I struggle with this one

  11. Cari:

    I agree with everything that has already been said here. Well said! But I would add that you shouldn’t expect NOT to have disagreements – it’s how they get resolved that defines the relationship, not whether or not they exist.

  12. That it is not a matter of just finding the right partner, but also of being the right one.

  13. I have thought about this a lot lately… I really think it’s about loving and accepting the person for everything they are. Seems people, including myself, find one thing wrong with the person and are so ready to bail on the relationship. No matter what it is, it’s important to let that person be who they are and love, respect and accept them for whatever they are, whatever they believe or feel. It’s so easy to give up on the person because we disagree with something, then look back years later and regret leaving and ending the whole thing. It’s much more difficult to say “you know what, I disagree, but I love you anyways and I’m not going anywhere”.

    I have been looking forward to my next relationship so that I can make the right choices for myself and him.

  14. m:

    you need sleep to cope.. listen to each’s the only way it’s going to work.

  15. Justin:

    Remember that to make a relationship works, communicate with someone. Communicate on what you want and what the person wants. Learn to compromise. Do things for them because you love them and they will do the same. Don’t expect anything in return.

  16. Gracie:

    Among other things: communication, trust, honesty, friendship, understanding

  17. Heather:

    A relationship is 50/50 unless decided otherwise.

  18. dada:

    two people’s harts have to be ready to love again – than it can work …
    (it doesn’t metter what people want – it’s metter what their harts are ready to feel)

    …from my last experience …

  19. Alicia:

    Relationships should be partnerships of the best kind: individuals bonded by mutual respect, understanding, dedication, selflessness, love. This does not mean that all couples show these features for the other in the same way. It only means that they demonstrate them in a way that is understood and appreciated by the other.

    Relationships need a sense of equality to them, a sense of balance between giving and taking, learning and teaching, expressing and listening. There should be an understanding that both members are equals, and that both opinions have worth. There should be an understanding that both members are different, and as such can help and teach the other about subjects not known well to them. Even with one helping the other more than the other helps them, there should always be a sense of equality.

  20. LulúM:

    you get what you give

  21. Luke:

    That relationship is build together.

  22. Kensie:

    Forgiveness … we are all human and make mistakes. We can’t expect our partners to be perfect when we can’t be perfect ourselves.

  23. Ayushi:

    Even the best relationships don’t
    last forever. – People don’t live
    forever. Appreciate what you have,
    who loves you and who cares for
    you. You’ll never know how much
    they mean to you until the day they
    are no longer beside you. And
    remember, just because something
    doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it
    wasn’t worth your while.

  24. Ann:

    There are tree components in a relationship: you yourself, the other person, and the relationship between you. These parts are all separate, equally important, components that all have to be cared for. If one part is neglected, the other will suffer as well. In remembering this it will be easier to hold a balance in the relationship, not focusing to much on one component and forgetting who you are and what is important to you, or forgetting that the other person is in fact another and different-thinking person than you, or forgetting that what you have together needs attention and care. It’s about balance.

  25. UC_86:

    That men and women think and respond to things very, very differently…and while what you are saying may not seem offensive or hurtful to you, you could be emotionally cutting the other person to shreds without even trying. If you’ve never read them, check out “For Men Only” and “For Women Only”, both by Shaunti Feldhan. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Those two books saved my marriage.

  26. Amanda:

    In a relationship, the participants are not two halves coming together to make a whole: they are two wholes in harmony with each other.

  27. Daniel:

    communicate, love, respect, trust and cherish your partner…

  28. Piper:

    people try to follow a formula instead of just being themselves. there shouldn’t be a formula for relationships.

  29. Fiona:

    Compromise. Give a little to get a little, give a lot to get a lot.

  30. Ria:

    That your partner should be nice to you. Seriously, people need to stop putting up with toxic relationships!

  31. just_jess:

    that ultimately we want to get something out of a relationship as much as give in to a relationship. no one is completely selfless.

  32. Moni:

    You have to love yourself before you can love others. Don’t get into a relationship hoping that the other will make all your problems and insecurities go away. Don’t make someone you whole life.

  33. Alex:

    Everyone has their own flaws, nobody is perfect, and that’s ok.

  34. Lauren:

    Love always trumps hate…

  35. Me:

    That the other person could be hurt too…

  36. Hane:

    People have separate, individual lives.

  37. Kristian:

    Admire each other always <3

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