Question 714

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35 Responses to “Question 714”

  1. Courtney:


  2. V3nD1:


  3. sunup:

    My ex.

  4. Kari:

    trying to please someone who could never be pleased

  5. Daniel:

    my past, my fear,

  6. Ravi:


  7. Glad to let go of the feeling for someone in the past.

    Do come by! Thanks ! πŸ™‚

  8. m:

    not sleep.. i wish i could let go of’s the worst place ever, you learn nothing everybody is a bitch and no matter what you do nobody is going to fit in.. can’t wait until i get out.

  9. Justin:

    My feelings about the past, people, etc. I learned to focus on myself, what I want.

  10. Cari:

    My brother. Long story. I’m also glad I let go of all that CRAP that I used to own! Nothing makes you feel cleansed, lighter and able to move forward like a trip to the dump. Try it πŸ˜‰

  11. helen:


  12. karen:

    my ex

  13. Alicia:

    Past “friends” and the promises to keep certain secrets for them
    My life is unrecognizably better thanks to their absence

  14. Ria:

    Bitterness, anger.

  15. Wesley:

    Thoughts of not graduating college

  16. Jude:

    Trying to please everyone.

  17. Rachael:

    A toxic relationship with my ‘friend’

  18. Negativity.

  19. Gerry K.:

    my insecurities

  20. just_jess:

    my mum…

  21. Debbie:


  22. jocelyn:

    i finally let go of him.

  23. Betty Ann:

    Trying to change others..

  24. Sophia:

    I let go of a fake friend. I let go of judgement.

  25. Moni:

    The past.

  26. Lauren:

    Who I was…

  27. Úna:

    An old guilt that wasn’t even my fault.

  28. Me:


  29. Rayton:

    crush on someone who mismatched me.

  30. Melanie:

    The negative people that were in my life.

  31. Hane:

    The negative people who tried so hard to ruin me.

  32. Kristian:

    My past πŸ™‚

  33. southerngirl:

    nothing…yet (its a work in progress)

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