Question 715

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  1. Piper:

    Being yourself at every level, all the time.

  2. . susan .:


  3. Ravi:

    Never forget that relationship is a contract that can be terminated by either party at any time. So do not forget “Please and Thank you” and do not take other for granted.

  4. dada:

    still trying to figure it out

  5. tiva:

    I don’t know either. I have been thinking lately about how selfish I tend to be in my relationships, and how I really don’t know how to make it work and not lose myself at the same time.


  6. Cari:

    TRUST – without a doubt! Without trust, everything else is set on a crumbling foundation. If you don’t trust your partner, find it or get out of the relationship.

  7. Daniel:

    communication and honesty

  8. LulĂșM:


  9. willpower to hold on to each other through everything

  10. Inge:

    Love, obviously.

  11. Leila:

    Sacrificial love–which isn’t losing yourself, but finding yourself through serving and loving another

  12. Gracie:

    Trust, because:
    “There are only two times in your life when you need to let a person go from your experience: when you no longer have the ability to appreciate each other, or when you no longer trust each other. Trust is the foundation of every single positive relationship in the world. Without it, a relationship will not be able to survive. If there is no trust on day one, don’t count on there being any on day 1000”.

  13. m:

    sleep…communication and trust

  14. Courtney:

    Ah Having Fun!
    Enjoying each other’s company!

  15. Kris:


  16. Barry:


  17. Alicia:

    The understanding/acceptance that there is no number one ingredient to a healthy relationship.

    Many ingredients are important, but that doesn’t mean there is a perfect relationship recipe. Every relationship is different, but all require many key ingredients: trust, communication, love, understanding, honesty, humor, fun, compassion, quality time, and so on. None of these ingredients is more important or most important.

  18. Nina:

    Respect. It is a sum of all the parts of a relationship. If you respect someone you won’t cheat, if you respect them you won’t do anything to hurt them. and you will trust them. Respect is key in a healthy happy relationship.

  19. Patience

  20. Jude:


  21. Cara:

    Proper communication, trust, self-confidence, the willingness to listen and learn, understanding, and compromise.

  22. Anjuman:

    Respect for one another and respect in the way one communicates with one another.

  23. vcm:

    love, trust, respect, communication, confidence, understanding, faithfulness, compassion, commitment, honesty, purity, patience, and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual strength.

  24. Betty Ann:

    Be Whole and Find Someone Whole

  25. Heidi:

    Love. Real, true, wholesome love that never forgets the bond.

  26. Me:

    Mutual respect

  27. Rayton:


  28. vladik:


  29. Melanie:


  30. Kristian:

    I’m gonna go with…Trust.
    Or a big penis :3

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