Question 717

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44 Responses to “Question 717”

  1. Ria:

    That I’m smart 😛

  2. Nina:

    That I am stupid. Mostly reffered to as a “dumb blond”. I have brown hair, and I am more intelligent and mature than more than half the kids at my school. I wish people would grow up and have some respect. As long as I know who I really am no one can put me down:)

  3. Blair:

    That I’m strong and have things all figured out.

  4. m:

    that i sleep alot..which is true..but probably that i’m shy.

  5. That I’m clumsy. Its not my fault I have awful joints.

  6. Q:

    That I’m an easy person to become friends with. Wich I’m not… I can give someone that feeling though, by just being kind. But it takes a lot before I truly call someone a friend.

  7. Wesley:

    My age. Not so much anymore, but people assume I’m a lot older than I actually am.

  8. Susan:

    That I’m CONFIDENT. What a mistake.

  9. Daniel:

    that i came from a rich family

  10. dada:

    that I am strong minded … maybe I am but I dont feel it …

  11. Iz:

    That I’m easily led… I am actually a strong person who will never stray from my beliefs.

  12. Courtney:

    That I’m always happy. Everyone has problems; They just don’t let it show.

  13. that i have a big time attitude -,-

  14. Nina:

    That I’m naive and a pushover. I’m not, I just choose to be nice most of the time.

  15. Blink:

    That I’m confident. I doubt everything that I do and have no faith in myself.

  16. Mike G:

    That I’m competent.

  17. Jason B:

    that cause i dont talk alot, im stupid and dont like people
    granted by and large i do dislike people, theyre excessively annoying

  18. anon:

    They assume I am a quiet girl who never talks much. I am quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I am quite chatty 🙂

  19. Ilham:

    that im just a fat lazy house cat. im with bipolar and feel more than the rest of my normal, shallow, left-brained, logical family member.

  20. Salma:

    That I’m so young, 18 or 20 years old max, whereas I’m 28!

  21. Michelle:

    that I’m shy, cruel, or a jerk. THEY don’t know that I literally can’t hurt a fly(it hurts me deeply inside) that I cry at sad or happy stories or that I love cute things. That I cry when I say anything mean. That my 2 best friends quickly left me.

  22. Mj:

    That I’m straight.

  23. Cara:

    That I have the answers to everything.

  24. Barry:

    that I’m ok. I’m not… everyone needs someone

  25. Me:

    That I am very happy and contended person who has never seen any problems in life till now. My life seems like a fairy tale to others – bcoz thats what I choose to show them. I dare not let them see the nightmare it has been till now.

  26. Alicia:

    That I’m smart, anti-social, and younger than I actually am.

  27. vcm:

    people assume i’m a doormat and that you can walk all over me, but no, i am much stronger than that.

  28. just_jess:

    people assume i have a “together” family and had a “normal” childhood…

  29. Kat:

    That I’m confident, a bitch, and happy. I admit I’m a little sarcastic when it comes to stupid people (not unintelligent but those who act stupid because they are better then that and it’s annoying) but it doesn’t make me a bitch, and I pretend to be happy and confident but it’s because I can’t accept help from others I need to do it myself even though I fail most of the time.

  30. Malak:

    that I’m confident and content ….

  31. Alex:

    People often assume that I am talented, creative and knowledgeable. Heh.

  32. Betty Ann:

    ……that I’m a dumb blonde.. !!

  33. Sophia:

    People think, I know what I want to do in life.. Very wrong.

  34. SandraDee:

    That I am a snob, I am one of the nicest people and the best friend you will ever have. I also don’t judge anyone for any reason and people believing I am a snob gives them preconcieved ideas about me and they are the ones missing out.

  35. Moni:

    That I am a mean person with an attitude. I’m really not TT_TT People just misinterpret the things I do.

  36. Kelci:

    That I am incredibly violent and will likely harm or kill someone.
    I have a short temper yes, but I am incredibly pacifistic.
    I would rather talk it out then hit someone else…

  37. Heidi:

    That I’m tough and can withstand. Everyone believes that…and really on the inside, I’m so fragile and so impressionable.

  38. Jaki:

    That I have the best advice in the world and that I have a magic touch when dealing with emotionally unstable friends.

    They don’t know that I’m just as emotionally unstable.

  39. aaron pennington:

    that i am a stupid stoner who doesnt care about anything.

  40. Úna:

    That I’m tough. I just don’t let people mess with me.

  41. Rayton:

    That I don´t want other people’s company, whereas I really like it but at times it’s too overwhelming for me.

  42. hayate-kun:

    That im happy go lucky..well,im just trying to be positive, but i do feel sad and down sometimes.. *sobs*

  43. Kotie:

    That I’m happy because I laugh a lot. I laugh to hide just how broken I am.

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