Question 719

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  1. Refraining from judgment and loving unconditionally

  2. Jason B:

    love and respecting them for who they are

  3. m:

    sleeping on it.. just understanding their point of views and trying to hear them out.

  4. the will you put into it

  5. dada:

    acceptance of others without any expectations from them

  6. Rebecca:

    Truth and equal commitment

  7. Tash:

    No judgement

  8. Cari:

    ANY relationship requires, absolutely, trust above all. After that, communication, complete acceptance of the other person and a genuine fondness.

  9. Antoinette:

    That fact that we love and understand one another unconditionally.

  10. Simpson:

    I’m still figuring that out…

  11. Kelly:


  12. Graham:

    Being able to make each other laugh, no matter the circumstances

  13. Debi:

    There is no answer, only LOVE! Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

  14. Liz:

    True friendship comprises many elements:

  15. Barry:

    forgiveness and understanding

  16. vcm:

    love, trust and communication are not a one way street, both have to make the effort to make the friendship last. i’ve been learning that the hard way. :/

  17. Malak:

    being a good listener, and sacrificer….and making alot of jokes ….

  18. Betty Ann:

    I have a friend for 40 years .. almost 41 year.. since I was 11 and she is 10; I have to say it is distance.. she grew so differently than me; that actually if I met her today i would not be her friend. (sad to say that but true). I think friends come and go in your life… I have had different friends as I grow and change. The three women I’m closet to now I only know 3 years each …

  19. Sophia:

    As some others have said; unconditionally love and respect.

  20. My experience and research tells me that the friendships that last are consistently loving and supportive. “How To Win Friends And Influence People” and “How To Have Power and Influence Dealing With People” are amazing books.

    Pick your favorite and read a little out of it everyday for the rest of your life. It will change who you are and your life for the better.

  21. Heidi:

    Listening, respect, and acceptance.

  22. Lauren:

    If you dont already know, it won’t last…

  23. Sharing experiences, near or far. Sharing good and bad times with people over the years is what makes my friendships last.

  24. Úna:

    Being playfully teased relentlessly by them. It always gives something to talk, smile and laugh about.

  25. Me:

    Space ,mutual understanding and respect.

  26. vladik:

    Common understanding of personal differences.

  27. Julia:

    I´ve had the same 3 friends for 20 years, our secret, being there for each other, a listening ear and compassion.

  28. acc:

    Strenght .
    to forgive. to laugh. to care. to remember. to not give up. to wish . to not judge . to accept things. to adapt to new chanes. to change. to not forget. to keep walking with a present memory. and to let love heal when someone get hurt. unconditionally love

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