Question 723

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34 Responses to “Question 723”

  1. Betty Ann:

    ” …sells drugs”

  2. m:

    doesn’t sleep… is judgemental

  3. s:

    never smiles

  4. Barry:

    is dishonest

  5. Andie:

    is superficial

  6. susan:

    I would never be friends with someone who . . . is not TRUSTWORTHY

  7. dada:

    … was once before my friend and ruin it …

  8. Bobby:

    I’m still sorting this out…

  9. Who is not himself/herself.

  10. Sophia:

    Who judges.

  11. thinks me as perfect one.

  12. malak:

    who belittles me and my dreams …

  13. ate people

  14. Rarity:

    doesn’t like me.

  15. would bring forth the worst in me

  16. Leila:

    talks about other friends behind their backs. there’s a good chance they will talk about me behind my back too.

  17. vcm:

    currently: who hates me and won’t confront me about their issues about me…

  18. Cari:

    I agree with Susan – someone I can’t TRUST! All the other problems you might have with someone pretty much fall under the heading of not being able to trust them.

  19. Wesley:

    treated me or a friend poorly.

  20. Cody:

    I will never be friends with someone who doesn’t make an effort to be a friend back… A friendship between two people has to built up together but if only one person is doing the work then its hard to keep that friendship…

  21. Vana:

    I can’t find in moments when I ned her/him

  22. Rahul:

    is selfish

  23. ava:

    ignores me.

  24. Jaki:

    Tries to “fix” me, whether it be in appearance, personality, or emotion.
    Thinks they know everything about me no matter what I say.
    Reminds me of Andrew.

  25. Lauren:

    Wasn’t a friend to me…

  26. Sandy:

    Molests and abuses children. My ex husband had a friend who did this…major deal breaker!

  27. vcm:

    is rude, disrespectful, passive aggressive, and puts down others.

  28. Úna:

    A popular.

  29. Rayton:

    Cares about no one except himself

  30. Melanie:

    isn’t fun to be around.

  31. Hane:

    will say anything to ruin my life

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