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  1. Yourotherothermom:


  2. dev:

    Right now, blissful ignorance sounds nice. But I suppose it depends on when you ask me this.

  3. Sam Fisher:

    A worried genius by far. I’ve pondered this all my life and it’s come to be the words that I live by. “Truth over happiness.” Being a worried genius would be the truth option, because I assume it means that since you are a genius, you have things to worry about. To be a happy simpleton would simply be possible because simpletons just don’t worry about the things that geniuses do.

  4. a genius.

    if i am a true genius,
    i will gradually shake off my worries and be a joyful genius at the end 😛

  5. Sam Fisher:

    I’m sorry, I phrased my answer strangely. When I said, “Being a worried genius would be the truth option, because I assume it means that since you are a genius, you have things to worry about,” I meant that it would be the truth option because being a happy simpleton would imply that you’re able to ignore the painful truths around you, the same ones that would make a genius a worried one. The genius does not turn his or her eye away from the pain.

  6. Cassie:

    A joyful simpleton.

  7. Kayleigh:

    A joyful simpleton.

    In the end, I’d be happier living out my life loving and being loved, then worrying about why I’m loved.

  8. Madrykson:

    Worried genius.

    Doesn’t matter how happy you are, you can’t be an effectual person if you’re stupid.

  9. Lily:

    I’m already a worrywart, so I may as well be a genius too!

  10. taz:

    Yes. Both. I already am.

  11. Romer Jed:

    Preferably the worried genius, it would make my life easier and so many more people could benefit…

  12. Abtin:

    I like Sandy’s response. I co-sign it.

  13. Rich:

    Very hard to go through life being a simpleton.If you do not worry about something,you have nothing going for you.

  14. What I am already..this is what I want to continue to be..:))

  15. HarriettsPlace:

    Joyful simpleton

  16. The Rev:


  17. ooly:

    In reality, you can’t be both. to be human, and live on this world. you won’t be really happy on either extreme side.

  18. Mam:

    Sam Fisher sounds like a very intelligent individual.

    “Do you know, I sometimes catch myself wishing that I too were blind to the facts of life and only knew its fancies and illusions. They’re wrong, all wrong, of course, and contrary to reason; but in the face of them my reason tells me, wrong and most wrong, that to dream and live illusions gives greater delight. And after all, delight is the wage for living… and your dreams and unrealities are less disturbing to you and more gratifying than are my facts to me.”

    The trouble is, that once you pick, it’s too late. You may like to, perhaps, but you can’t.

    I wonder if by carrying the burden of knowing the true face of the world, if you are stable able to hold your innocence without being ignorant? I suppose that is also stripped away.

  19. Mam:

    I fumbled on the typing of my last response.

    “The trouble is, that once you pick it’s too late. You may like to change, perhaps, but you can’t.

    I wonder if it is still possible to maintain your innocence while carrying the burden of knowing the true face of the world. I suppose that also must be stripped away”

  20. Chris:

    My favorite novel is called How I Became Stupid by Martin Page. Anyone interested in this question should read it. It’s delightful.

  21. Jake Belyeu:

    Joyful simpleton, live is too stressful to worry, difficult events always become clear

  22. A:

    A worried genius.
    I could make others’ lives better using my intelligence.

  23. Sistah:

    Joyful and whatever comes with it

  24. CK:

    Ignorance is Bliss and there are a lot of Blissful people out there!

    I prefer to know what to worry about. The truth and knowledge shall set you free!

    That is after you worry about it for most of your life! Enjoy the ride. Life isn’t a race.

  25. Steven:

    A worried genius

  26. Nina210:

    A joyful simpleton…

  27. bobby:


  28. Jeff:

    A joyful genius.

  29. Josh:

    I’d rather be a worried genius. There are the paranoid and there are the dead. I would rather the burden of knowledge than ignorance. How could I could I ever protect the ones I love without any know how. Also, in the deepest of personal matters I would always rather the cleansing light of the sun than turn a blind eye.

  30. April:

    Joyful simpleton. 🙂 At least you’re happy while you’re stupid! I think everyone is a joyful simpleton in some way.

  31. maddie:

    a joyful genius! why can’t we be both? as far as i am concerned, i am doing pretty well.

  32. Chrys:

    I definitely agree with Kayleigh…And ironically, wonder if it’s the same person I know in real life. 🙂

  33. Gem:

    worried genius 🙂 after all its what id like to think i am now, and paranoid as i may be, i like knowing things, even if they frighten me ^_^

  34. Aimee:

    Joyful Simpleton. what’s the use of being smart if you can’t be happy?

  35. Amanda:

    I’d be a joyful genius. It is possible to be smart and happy!

  36. Megan:

    They say that ignorance is bliss, and that is absolutely true. If you choose to be a genius, you have to understand what you’re getting into. Brilliance is a hard path. By gaining greater understanding of reality, you gain a greater understanding of how much it all sucks. It’s a great personal debate of mine, whether I want to be brilliant and miserable or stupid and happy, and I’m still not sure I entirely know the answer. How nice it would be to not question everything, to simply live for the moment, trust easily, and live without a care in the world. But brilliance is a wall. You can hide behind it. There’s a fine line between brilliance and insanity that is far to easily crossed. I would be far to afraid to emerge from my intellectual cocoon to take the leap to ignorance, so I guess I would rather be a genius.

  37. Nick:

    I’d rather be a joyful simpleton. There is so much to enjoy just being simple.

  38. Delilah:

    worried genius would benefit everyone.
    joyful simpleton would benefit myself.
    now, do i want to be selfish and not worry about being selfish, or do i want the satisfaction of helping others but at my own expense?

  39. Michael Hitchcock:

    False question. True genius has a good time.

  40. Rowena:

    I hate being worried and I don’t mind NOT being a genius… so a joyful simpleton 🙂

  41. hexmage:

    A joyful simpleton. I consider myself to be quite intelligent, and I despise it. I’d rather remove what I know and how I think because it would remove large portions of stress from me and release me form my self-built prison in my mind.

  42. FairyTail:

    A joyful simpleton.

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