Question 724

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30 Responses to “Question 724”

  1. vcm:

    support, love and confidence that I can be successful and happy with what I am pursuing.

  2. m:

    for all of us to sleep.. love and encouragement.. and i wish we could go on vacation.

  3. dada:

    to continue to be a great familly as we are now, and spread out

  4. susan:

    Health and happiness

  5. CRAIG:


  6. Sophia:

    Happiness πŸ™‚

  7. Barry:

    love and happiness

  8. Nina:

    Health and prosperity, a greater closeness for those who are scattered.

  9. kp:

    health and peace of mind to go to sleep with at night.

  10. 정연홍:

    ν•¨κ»˜ λͺ¨μ—¬ μ‚΄κΈ°!!!

    together with all.

  11. OV:

    salavation πŸ™‚

  12. AOV:


  13. Rob:

    What family? It’s just me.
    My parents? I’d like them to feel good about where they are in life.

  14. mac1:

    safety, health, happiness

  15. malak:

    not to hate me when I have to be gone out there …somewhere …

  16. Rachael:

    What don’t I want for them? Happiness, health, faith, love, but mostly I just want them to be proud of who they are and never let anyone take that away from him.

  17. Anon:


  18. Heidi:

    For us to feel like a family again. For so many years they have just been people who have just been existing. A shout out for my cousin Zack: I love you and pray to God for you to get better and keep doing the wonderful things you have been dreaming of.

  19. Jaki:


  20. Lauren:

    To be as loved to the degree that they have loved me…

  21. vcm:

    security, safety, success, sincerity, smiles.

  22. lili:

    to be joined together and never ever fall apart and not have any misunderstandings

  23. Me:

    Safety, happiness and health. Rest all can be managed πŸ™‚

  24. Firefly:

    To get on! A family is supposed to be a unit of people who love and cherish each other, not here and there when they feel like.

  25. Rayton:

    Happiness and health

  26. Melanie:

    For us to be a family again.

  27. Marit:

    Big, long lasting smiles on their faces.
    And frequent bursts of laughter.

  28. Me:

    happiness πŸ™‚

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