Question 725

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  1. m:

    sleeping later.. being nice and just telling them they are beautiful.. i’m being such a hypocrite but i’m gong to start doing that.

  2. Drew:


  3. Everyone should start appreciating others & cherish his family, friends & beloved ones..
    Everyone should start give his closest people frequent calls..
    Everyone should start to help people in need as much as possible..
    Everyone should start sharing his precious moments with his grandparents/parents & let them do the same; believe me.. nothing can be compared to spending time with those awesome people.. =)

  4. dada:

    stop mix in others life

  5. GingerHair:


  6. Jennifer:

    Stop judging. Love. Offer a smile from your heart.

  7. Rob:


  8. Wesley:

    Thinking about how there action affect others.

  9. Accept them for what they are!

  10. Nina:

    start valuing them and stop being ill-mannered.

  11. Rarity:

    go out of their way to be nice!

  12. Turdface:


  13. Leila:

    listen. i mean, REALLY listen. take the time.

  14. Show others that you appreciate their efforts whether at work or at home. A simple thank you goes a long way.

  15. malak:

    showing that they care …

  16. Robert L:

    Random acts of kindness…

  17. Anon:

    Do to them as you would have them do to you.

  18. Mila:

    be sincere.

  19. Jaki:

    Asking – really asking – “how are you?”
    Saying, “I love you.”
    Sharing laughter.

  20. Lauren:

    Putting ourselves first in a way that allows us to not put others last…

  21. Sandy:

    Stop ‘shoulding’ on others! Change it to could…lot’s of choice there.

  22. vcm:

    sincere care towards themselves and the person they are investing themselves with. putting aside busy lives and schedules and opening up for others.

  23. Febo:

    Teaching a new language, maybe an existing one, perhaps a brand new one.

  24. Start praying for each other.

  25. Emma:

    Everyone should appreciate and respect what others do for them. Kindness goes a long way

  26. Úna:

    Give a hug when needed.

  27. Nsn:

    Having compassion. Life isn’t easy for anyone.

  28. AgAD11:

    Hold the door open for others.

  29. Rayton:

    providing help without being asked for it and caring for others, even a little bit more than now.

  30. kidbailey_winky:

    Love More. Hate Less. Care More. Judge Less.

  31. Julia:


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