Question 728

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39 Responses to “Question 728”

  1. Drew:

    A lot of people that would like somebody to talk to.

  2. m:

    people sleeping.. hate.

  3. sunup:

    So much pain

  4. S:

    People who aren’t there

  5. Inge:

    Colours. Love.

  6. susan:


  7. dada:

    beauty of nature, interesting people …

  8. Tash:

    If you really open your eyes and heart… you can see beauty everywhere!

  9. Beauty.

  10. Lauren:


  11. Rob:

    There days, snow 🙂

  12. Sugar:


  13. Me:


  14. ankita:

    beauty of the earth and the complexity of people

  15. Leila:


  16. Sandy:


  17. vcm:

    the one thing i can’t see, is myself.

  18. lili:

    people doing the best they can with whatever they have be that a slum or someone who has money to throw around
    and i see people wanting the same thing in the world. love , food , and a earning to be accepted

  19. abualili:


  20. nature

  21. Debbie:

    Friendly people.
    Everywhere there is always someone who wants to help you for the sake of just being kind. Sometimes they are rare, but they’re there…

  22. Febo:

    I hope they see me going everywhere: trees.

  23. Rebecca:


  24. john:

    People in a rush, ALEAYS.

  25. Úna:

    One bit closer to the end of the day.

  26. Ravi:

    people wanting to get somwwhere!

  27. Sara:

    Babies! 🙂

  28. mac1:

    good people

  29. Carly:


  30. Kimberly:


  31. Firefly:

    Familiar faces, worn out faces, worn out faces.

  32. Rayton:

    Beauty, it´s only a quesstion of how focused you are on finding it and enjoying it.

  33. GBJoker:

    People who are, for whatever reason, happier than I. For now, that is enough for me.

  34. Hane:

    People who are in love.

  35. Eljai:

    The Sun. I find that most wonderful and reassuring.

  36. Katlynn:

    Well, i live in a small town so i mostly see buildings, barley even cars because people usually walk in my town. My town was here for a long time so most of the buildings are old in my town. we don´t have a mall here so me and my family or friends has to go outside of town into a bigger town where there is a mall so we can have fun as family and friends.

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