Question 730

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29 Responses to “Question 730”

  1. Lauren:

    Be appreciative for all that I’ve become, and show the abundance of gratitude to those who played a part in getting here…

  2. m:

    sleep.. love

  3. painting

  4. dada:


  5. susan:

    I would LOVE to have more time to do NOTHING.

  6. V3nD1:

    Sit down and wait.

  7. Meghan:

    i would read more

  8. I believe that we do have time to do the things we want to. What we lack is guts, motivation or health to do it.

  9. Sophia:

    To spend more time with my family and with my friends.

  10. malak:

    meet alot of new people ….say hi to alot of strangers….spend more time with homeless people …do simple stuff that would make someone’s day 😀 !

  11. Febo:

    Create a new dance routine for an old song.

  12. Debi:

    Go horseback riding more often, own my own horse, live on a ranch with lots of acerage and a beach that goes on for miles, find new trails and log cabins to stay in, a different one every night and never look back…

  13. Rebecca:

    more of what I AM doing

  14. Rick:

    Take more pictures.

  15. Blink:

    Nothing at all, cycling for fun rather than travel, camping, hiking, taking pictures of new places

  16. Úna:


  17. Alicia:

    See my friends, spend quality time with my boyfriend, read, write, draw, run, swim

  18. Carly:

    Read, I love reading.

  19. Me:

    Write more and try to pursue my passion of dancing

  20. lili:

    horse riding

  21. Firefly:

    Read read read read read!

  22. Jiren:

    Probably spend more time with my son and my daugher and my baboo.

  23. Julie:


  24. Rayton:

    Lie outside and look at the clouds, or just travel more for the sake of loking more at the scenary and drown into it without thinking about your problems.

  25. Hane:

    dance, travel

  26. Joleen:

    traveling to the sea and just sit by the water and listen to the music of the nature…

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