Question 731

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26 Responses to “Question 731”

  1. m:

    when i get to sleep.. when i’m family and friends.

  2. Mike G:

    Nice, hot shower.

  3. Rebecca:

    seeing all the kids and actors smiling and having fun.

  4. erika:

    when i get to see my boyfriend for the first time that day. :3

  5. Rick:

    When my two pet rats insist on falling asleep on me or near me.

  6. Sophia:

    To eat lunch πŸ˜€ or when I get home and relax.

  7. susan:

    Right now … the quiet of early morning.

  8. dada:

    bedtime – reading some good book

  9. Nina:

    Dawn or sunset–one reminds me to be glad I’m alive, the other to be thankful for the beauty all around me.

  10. zavia:

    afternoon nape. i love it

  11. Sandy:

    When my husband comes home after work. He ALWAYS has a smile and I know it is just for me.

  12. sleep, coffee, and seeing the sunshine on my bike ride home from work

  13. Úna:

    When I get to see the boy everyone thinks I’m dating, even though he’s just my friend every morning.

  14. anon:

    sunsets <3

  15. Alicia:

    The first time I see him smile <3

  16. malak:

    my walk on the roof at night with the music on and talking to you, a complete stranger …:D

  17. Jennifer:

    His smile…

  18. Starrgirl:

    going home.

  19. Lauren:

    The end of a day, the reward of service to others, supporting your family and catching up with the little ones who missed your presence….
    Lastly, giving gratitude to the one who made it all possible …. We are so lucky πŸ™‚

  20. Me:

    Writing on my blog – I simply love it as that’s my den; a place where I am just ME without the fear of being judged upon by anyone.

  21. blablabla:

    Seeing the sunlight and the moonlight!

  22. Lauren:

    Seeing someone else’s happiness… No sweeter motivation exists to move you towards your own.

  23. Jiren:

    When i know that my kids are safe and ok and when i recieve a text from my special someone

  24. Hane:

    waking up

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