Question 737

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36 Responses to “Question 737”

  1. Jon:

    To never, ever, ever, for any reason whatsoever even consider getting married again.

  2. m:

    always get your night sleep.. to always just never give up.. if it doesn’t work the first time try a second time.. if it still doesn’t work the second time you have a trillion and more times to keep trying.

  3. Blink:

    Just keep going. Give your all and keep going. The hard moments that seem impossible will pass, but the hard work will pay off

  4. Courtney:

    Just do it. If you really want to do something, then do it.
    You’ll end up regretting it later if you don’t.

  5. Me:

    People are not what they generally show

  6. Littlecloud:

    To never ever choose your career over your best friends…

  7. Anna:

    To never fall over hills in love. Love hurts

  8. dada:

    NOT all fairy tales have happy ending
    Everything in life changes, whether we like it or not
    love can hapened more than ones

  9. dada:

    I can struggle with my fears !

  10. Cari:

    I learned to ask for help when I need it.

  11. Rob:

    All things change. What works for me today may not be what works for me tomorrow. The ability to be flexiable will bring a lot of peace.

  12. lili:

    dont say things without tasting your words if they taste bitter then dont say them , because words can stay in someones heart and fester and a few hurtful words can destroy what you spent ages making.

  13. Sandy:

    Lies get found out and bite you in the backside!

  14. Firefly:

    Always double check what you do. It will scar you for life otherwise.

  15. malak:

    whatever you wanna do, do it NOW. Dont delay, because you dont gurantee you’ll be there the next second …

  16. Rainbow Dash:

    I learned what an awful person I was, but also that I could change myself. And I did.

  17. Leila:

    Sex is a sacred, beautiful thing. Don’t abuse or misuse it.

  18. pia:

    Lesson: Always think twice before making a MISTAKE!

  19. Ravi:

    mistakes are part of life. if you don’t make one, you will make another. when you make a mistake, look at it and move on.

  20. vladik:

    Don’t let emotions to blind you.

  21. UGirl:

    Never put your phone and a water bottle in the same bag, at the same time. You can thank me later 🙂

  22. Alicia:

    Never bow to threats.

  23. Alanna:

    You get in more trouble for lying than you do for what you actually did wrong.

  24. Lisa:

    Pick your battles. Not all battles are worth fighting.

  25. Lauren:

    That making it again does not produce a different result

  26. Socks:

    They can take you, ostracize you, hold you down and spit on you, pick you up by the neck and shake you, pummel you, berate you– but they can never break you.

  27. Melanie:

    Don’t let anyone else make your decisions for you. Don’t stay with someone just because they don’t want you to leave. Always do what is right for you.

  28. sarala:

    Captivating & thought provoking indeed.

  29. Debi:

    Never say never.

  30. To never put your trust in everyone you meet!!!!

  31. jz:

    There are some people that will take advantage of your young naivety and try to take advantage of it. Always read contracts before you sign them.

  32. Kotie:

    To not let people that choose to leave your life back into it so easily.

  33. Hane:

    Never expect.

  34. Jade:

    That life goes on.
    You can totally screw up whatever your doing but in the end, you just have to accept where you are at, and go on and try again, or do something else.

    That stuff does taste better then skinny feels. Because hunger and no energy fucking sucks.

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