Question 738

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  1. m:

    sleep more.. just have fun

  2. Blink:

    Being able to accept the things you cannot change, having the courage to change the things you can, and the knowledge to know the difference

  3. pia:

    Get a P.C with a good broadband connection. Get answers to all your questions and problems.Definitely makes life less complicated. Try it!

  4. Ravi:

    get rid of technology. go for a walk. read a book. bike to work. go to nature.

  5. dada:

    go back to nature, to the basics !

  6. pia:

    Dear Folks, technology is not a bad thing in itself. People just misuse it a lot. Modern life just cant exist without technology. Try living a day without electricity..ur beloved cellphone(thats one unneccesary gadget we could live without)…ur food processor.. ur geyzer etc…without those things our mothers and sisters would never have been liberated. Taking a short walk in the forest is alright, i wonder how many people would actually live in one. Just being Honest here.

  7. Heath:

    Make sleep a high priority.

    Invest less time and money into objects, and more into new experiences. Especially the ones that take you into nature.

  8. Rob:

    Spend more time on my motorcycle. 🙂 Come on snow, melt!!

  9. throw away things that you dont need. And lower your needs so you dont buy things you dont need

  10. Gracie:

    stay away from unnecessary drama

  11. alex:

    get back to your roots

  12. Cari:

    Stop MAKING it complicated! I think many folks add unnecessary details, problems, etc. to their lives. They do this walking through the forest, the National Park (we visit these often and there they are, making things more complicated than they need to), the mall, at work, at home. It’s not about WHERE you are physically, it’s about your mental state where you cause drama, make a big deal about everything and are generally neurotic.

  13. Tiva:

    I recently took time out to meditate, and it made things simple real fast.
    Sat quietly on my bed, put on some classical music and closed my eyes for about 10 minutes or so.
    I felt amazing afterwards. What seemed complicated and horrible, didn’t seem so bad when I was done.

  14. Cari:


  15. malak:

    stop caring about what people think….

  16. Do not worry. If you can’t help worrying, remember that worrying can’t help you either …

  17. Samm.:

    Just breathe, forget about all the crap life throws at you and move forward.

  18. V3nD1:

    Be you.

  19. vladik:

    Understand ourselves completely.

  20. Anna:

    Understand that your life is small in comparison, and while we can appreciate the many beautiful and good things that happen during a day, we can also let go of negativity that would otherwise tarnish our interactions with others. “Achieve inner peace and a host of others around you will follow.”

  21. UGirl:

    Just B R E A T H E when things get complicated.

  22. Alicia:

    Find something that unwinds you and the knotted string of thoughts in your mind

  23. Alanna:

    Don’t make private matters public via the internet.

  24. Ronzi:

    when someone compliments you, don’t brush it off, but genuinely say thank you. you’d be surprised how few people do that and how refreshing it is.

  25. Me:

    Forgive and forget

  26. GBJoker:

    Know what you stand for and believe in, and don’t back down when those things are challenged and needed.

  27. Debi:

    Slow down and smell the flowers along your way.

  28. Lauren:

    Stop making it complicated… Just stop.

  29. Socks:

    Don’t lie.

  30. Nida:

    communicate :))

  31. F.:

    Cut toxic “friends” and “family members” out of your life, and don’t feel guilty for doing so. Don’t let others’ drama become your own.

  32. jz:

    Become a minimalist. Don’t overthink everything. Stop coming up with intricate conspiracy theories. Take a walk in the park, away from technology for a while.

  33. pia:

    Thrash your facebook account 🙂

  34. Rayton:

    Truly accept yourself as you are. One of the easiest ways to complicate your life is to add another rival in your life, who is responsible for marring your development- yourself.

  35. Midway:

    turn off your phone and go spend the day in nature

  36. Teresa:

    I agree with Heath. Well said.

  37. Me:

    cut ALL of the negative people out of your life.

  38. hakeem:

    other name of life is complication…!
    with out complications u can not understand the life.

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