Question 741

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  1. Leila:

    to be working toward the wrong goal the entire time.

  2. m:

    by not sleeping.. just not taking chances that you believe will benefit yourself.

  3. n: sleeping

  4. Prerna:

    being in love!!!

  5. LittleTea:

    stay in a place for a long long time…

    BTW, Can it be answered in Chinese?

    I like this site very much.

  6. Tapio J.:

    Not living in ‘now’, the only time there is!

  7. Littlecloud:

    Living a life that you don’t like when you’re able to change it.

  8. dada:

    not to fight for yourself

  9. Tunder:

    Not doing what you love.
    Selling out for something that will not be there later.

  10. Lazlo:

    There is no wasted life… every life is lived for some purpose. It is egotistical (and entirely human) to think that we can always know that exact purpose and be qualified to judge a life as “wasted”, even our own.

  11. Heath:

    Make a habit of blame everything but yourself for your problems. It makes you a powerless victim, makes you incredibly depressed, and seems to be addictive to some kinds of people.

  12. regrets!

  13. malak:

    clinging to the past and letting go of what’s important the “now” …

  14. Disme:

    Answering questions on internet sites. Playing video games. Wasting time on the computer. Abusing substances.

  15. Úna:


  16. Richard:

    Facebook 🙂

  17. Alice:

    Forget God.

  18. keep complaining and fighting the past.

  19. Alicia:

    To never love…
    To stop wondering…
    To stop caring…
    To stop learning…

    …and, in reference to “The Death of Ivan Illyich”…to live an average life. That is far worse than death.

  20. Alanna:

    An easy way to waste a life is to spend your life wishing you had a different life, or not being thankful for the life you have.

  21. Ravi:

    There is no such thing as wasted life. It is only a thought that thinks something it likes is useful and something that it hates is wasted.

  22. F:

    to stress yourself and to put yourself down

  23. Chill:

    To never take a CHANCE

  24. mac1:

    not taking chances. i’m guilty myself

  25. Me:

    Live in the PAST

  26. Lauren:

    Standing in your own way…

  27. Melanie:

    Not doing the things you want to do

  28. ts:

    suicide and not having anyone to love

  29. Ana:

    regrets, living in the past, keeping God out,staying in this shell, building walls between you and everyone….. I lost my life already :'(

  30. Sandy:

    By living small.

  31. Claire:

    Drinking daily. I don’t know how I know people who seem perfectly content pissing away their money and health day after day in a crappy bar.

  32. Robin:

    Constantly thinking about what life you wish you had instead of living the one you’ve got. If you live the one you have, you will end up with the one you wish for.

  33. To never make a change to move forward!!!!

  34. following others

  35. C:

    To live in the past and thereby hurt the ones in the present time.

  36. Vicky:

    lol one easy way ? wasting time on the internet
    it’s so easy to procrastinate or not make any efforts and those are very bad habits

  37. Jaki:

    Dwelling on the past. If you keep coming back to the past, you’re reliving the same day over and over again.

  38. Drew:

    Thank you Lazlo!

    Nicely put..

    And my answer..not that there really is one.. to a wasted life

    But more so what I think is a wasted emotion..


  39. Rayton:

    Stay indifferent for everything happening and being around you

  40. 2 words.
    Crystal Meth.

  41. Marit:

    Avoidance, waiting and never coming out from under that rock you’re hiding under.

  42. hexmage:

    To let fear or regret consume you.

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