Question 742

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  1. Emmy:

    A mean spirited attitude toward anyone.

  2. Leila:

    being a jerk

  3. acting all weird like i do. being a selfish and cynical.

  4. Drew:

    I think smoking is attractive honestly. If a girl can spark a bowl, my God…
    I guess arrogance though. The generic bad traits and whatnot.

  5. Alanna:

    Being closed-minded and forcing your opinion on others.

  6. m:

    when they don’t sleep.. when they only look for a person that is beautiful on the outside and they don’t take the chance to see someone who is beautiful on the inside and maybe even on the outside too (:

  7. Blink:

    Cruelty, condescension and small minded-ness

  8. Tapio J.:

    Cockiness, negativeness, being a big mouth etc..

  9. Laila:


  10. Ravi:

    Our own ideas about what attractive is what is not.

  11. susan:


  12. susan:

    An attitude of superiority

  13. Cari:

    Bad personal hygene – bad breath, body odor, uncombed hair (sometimes this can be sexy, like not shaving to some extent with a man), someone who DOESN’T LISTEN TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY and interrupts you…someone who laughs at every single thing you say whether it’s funny or not.

  14. lili:

    bad manners

  15. zavia:

    cari is rite

  16. Chill:

    When you find out someone doesnt understand respect very well

  17. Chill:

    When you find out someone doesnt understand respect very well.

  18. malak:

    lazyness, stupidity, racism, arrogance ….

  19. What will make someone instantly ugly in my mind is someone that looks down on others and considers themselves superior. We all put our pants on the same way – some people need that reminder sometimes. I don’t care if your pants cost $350. They still go on the same way..

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  21. Jazmine:


  22. Me:

    Devil May Care attitude

  23. Inge:

    I agree with lili on this one.

  24. Alicia:

    Talking about others behind their back.
    Utter shallowness of mind and character.
    Judging by appearances without getting to know the person.
    Racism, prejudiced, bullying, egotistical nature.
    Complete lack of respect, honor, intelligence, will, kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy.

  25. Debi:

    All of the above.

  26. Lauren:

    The moments when a person betrays themselves… Nothing more sad than a person who prevents his/her own happiness.

  27. SW:


  28. Sandy:

    Arrogance and stupidity combo…. most unattractive!

  29. Claire:

    Smoking, and the traces of smoking. I can smell it on you as though you’ve hung a rotten fish around your neck. Even if you’ve washed your hands, brushed your teeth and put purfume on, I can tell.

  30. Robin:

    someone who is cruel to others.

  31. anon:

    malice and shallowness

  32. vcm:

    disrespect towards me, themselves and others I care about.

  33. Alex:

    negative point of view and bad attitude toward people

  34. Rob:

    a mean spirit

  35. hayate-kun:

    foul mouth.

  36. Hotchkiss:

    When they sit, the shake their leg.

  37. Rayton:

    Narrow vision and lack of interest in different things

  38. Midway:

    an ego and arrogance

  39. Phoebe:

    someone with his fake words,his fake face ,his fake gestures..

  40. delilah:

    disrespectful and bad manners and people who doesnt except others opinions and are self centered.

  41. xane papula:

    arrogance , judgmental, ignorance,conceit, lack of respect……

  42. southerngirl:

    mean, arrogant, drinks too much, and a foul mouth

  43. bwatt:

    bad hygiene and bad manners

  44. hexmage:


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