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  1. Drew:

    Fear of people I suppose. I used to be great at walking up to a stranger and pulling a full blown conversation out of my butt, though now I can make small talk and maybe a bit more. I’ve got to get that back.

    Sounds like a new project!

  2. Lisa:

    The fear of confrontation, my fear of other people thinking my thoughts are useless or wrong. Instead of trying to resolve the problems that I see, I would rather ignore the issue at hand and deal with the side problems which are created. It takes more time and effort, but hurts less than being told that my opinions mean nothing.

  3. Blink:

    Fear of confrontation and being ostracised or ridiculed. Attempting to get over it though. The only thing other people have are opinions, and they shouldn’t scare me

  4. dada:

    I see we (women) all have same problems 🙁

  5. Tapio J.:

    Getting rejected by others.
    But it’s nice to start waking up for the fact that it’s a stupid fear!

  6. Me:

    Being avoided and left alone

  7. lili:

    being worried of what other people might or will do if i speak my mind
    also i cant comunicate efectivelly with people

  8. Rob:

    I fear that if I make the move I want to make I’ll never be able to make enough to have the lifestyle I have now, or even to retire. I’m behind due to a divorce.

  9. malak:

    Fear of being lonely and unloved, fear of being an outcast, and the fear of running a typical routine life ….

  10. Lauren:

    Sometimes the pain you know, is more appealing than the pain you do not.

  11. GBJoker:

    Not being able to hear her when she talks to me for the first time, and not being able to feel her in my nerve damaged right side when she wants to touch me.

  12. Socks:

    My sister is depressed. When I leave for college, she will be only eleven years old, and entering middle school. I’m afraid that when she gets there, she’ll have trouble and then she won’t have me to talk to her and then– and then– and then– Jesus… I’m afraid the depression will get worse. And I’m afraid she could hurt or kill herself.

  13. Ravi:

    I fear being exposed!

  14. Emma:

    Socks, I have the exact same fear with my brother

  15. err:

    Fear of irrevocable consequences and inevitable results.

  16. Jessica:


  17. Melanie:

    Fear of failure and fear of confrontation.

  18. Ann:

    Fear of being demanded of and required to perform and not being up to it.

  19. Heath:

    I’m afraid of being alone and unloved.

  20. ts:

    I am afraid of losing

  21. Courtney:


  22. Carly:

    The fear of being hurt again.

  23. Sandy:

    Fear that I have not been a good enough parent to my children or good enough grandparent to my grandchildren. I would hate for them to feel about me as my children feel about their grandparents. 🙁

  24. Ilham:

    lack of confidence

  25. Barry:


  26. Alicia:

    Hearing my own voice and not liking what I sound like

  27. Danielle:

    Commitment and Rejection.

  28. kidbailey_winky:

    My greatest fear is not being excepted for who i truly am, so i just hide behind a mask

  29. Fear of failing!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lacey:

    One thing that’s holding me back most is being accepted by my family and friends if I do what I believe is what I want.

  31. cousin clearing:

    fear of loosing……..;0

  32. TheFox:

    my fear is that in my pursue of reaching my goals i’ll end up hurting peoples feelings around me.

  33. Maria:

    Fear of failure and to be a loser

  34. Jaki:

    Fear of being hurt again, and the fear that I’m not fully over my last ex.

  35. blue:


  36. Rayton:

    fear of conversating and communicating, or at least fear of being vulnerable in front of others.

  37. Hane:

    fear of commitment

  38. Midway:

    a fear of being judged

  39. Jade:

    Fear of rejection, or maybe just inadequacy or disinterest.

  40. Phoebe:

    My lack of confidence.

  41. Kristian:

    I fear you will see me diffrently.

  42. Marit:

    Fear of making a mistake that’s irreversable.
    Fear of being attacked: I somehow always expect to be attacked, vaguely.

  43. southerngirl:

    people will discover my DUI (20 years ago) and hold it against me ultimately rejecting me because of it

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