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  1. Rob:

    Know? Ok, when I truly love someone I just let do my best to just let them be them. Accept them as the person they are and don’t try to change them

  2. … nothing. Because it’s not up to us to choose whether what someone else is feeling is true or not, it’s not up to us to decide what someone does or doesn’t do when they love someone.

  3. Leila:

    try to hurt them, even if they have injured you.

  4. susan:

    You do not cause them pain

  5. Devon:

    want anything other than what is best for THEM.

  6. Heath:

    I was going to say “break their trust” or “not try to change them”, but neither of those really fit. Love is an emotion which does not contain boundaries. It does not limit. It only connects and brings closer. It’s not even necessarily a healthy feeling! Depending on the situation, being in love can be highly destructive (i.e. unrequited love among others). That’s not really the point of the question, however…

    I guess I would say “it depends”. Depends on them. Depends on the situation. It depends on the limitations that you apply to yourself in that situation, with the other person. I just do what feels right, and try to avoid taking actions which would leave me feeling guilty. That really applies to all of life, however, and is independent of ‘love’.

  7. dada:

    pretend, cheat, lie, seduce ….

    you just give yourself all the way

  8. V3nD1:

    Think twice.

  9. Cari:

    The one thing you should NEVER do is betray their trust. That’s not negotiable. When trust is broken and the relationship fails unless it can be fixed. Trust is the single most important component of any relationship – with a spouse, lover, boss, parent, sibling, friend. Think about it – if any one of them breaks your trust, how do you feel about them? How does that change the relationship?

    @Heath, I’m sorry, but you are wrong! Breaking trust will destroy a relationship unless it can be addressed and reaffirmed (which is possible).

  10. Ana:

    i don’t let him know….

  11. Chill:

    You…dont leave them behind

  12. malak:

    you dont give up on them ….

  13. Rich:

    Try to change them.

  14. Blink:

    You don’t do anything to hinder their happiness.

  15. Claire:

    Put them down / make them feel bad about themself.

  16. Robin:

    ever try to change them. You fell in love with them for who they are. You never try to make someone they are not.

  17. You don’t expect or ask them to love you just because you love them first.

    hmm.. and because I think I have truly loved someone, here’s my take:

  18. Alicia:

    You don’t leave them behind, talk about them behind their back, hurt them purposefully, lie to their face, or do anything to damage their trust in you.

  19. Busse:


  20. Dey:

    You don’t lie, don’t need anyone else, you say the truth ’cause it is like telling the truth to yourself

  21. zavia:

    let them go

  22. hurt them ever!

  23. Sarah:

    You do not give up.
    A couple that my boyfriend and I met who have been married for what seems like ages told me to never give up. Once you have given up the rest will just fall apart. I’ll never give up on him!

  24. cousin clearing:

    don’t hurt them any how……….

  25. Tristen:

    purpously hurt them. You do your best to make them happy and do what’s best for them.

  26. blue:

    pull away

  27. Rayton:

    you don’t mind sacrificing some of your own comfort for him/her to feel or do better.

  28. Hane:

    leave them behind.

  29. Midway:

    force them to do something

  30. Kristian:

    Leave them feeling unwanted.

  31. Bilbo:

    Steal their purse

  32. southerngirl:

    cheat, lie and make them look foolish

  33. mil ann:

    let her cry and feel sad in your feelings…you should let feel that life is beautiful…

  34. Lina:


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