Question 747

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  1. Claire:

    Honestly, it’s all the things I couldn’t resolve because other people wouldn’t let me. I always strive for a resolution, whether or not it’s what I want, but sometimes, people don’t give you an option.

  2. Blink:

    My most important relationship, but it will get there

  3. Kesha:

    My years in college…. I graduated with a degree I didn’t really want and haven’t gone back to school since to complete my original goal!

  4. susan:

    One thing? If ONLY there were ONE thing . . . But I guess most importantly would be regrets concerning conflicts in relationships … things that have not been said that NEED to be said. Our relationships are the most important thing each of us have and we let time go by without saying the things that need to be said … Tick-Tock

  5. Cari:

    I’m with Claire – my few regrets are with those who refuse to resolve things. I have done everything possible to talk to them about our differences, I have apologized too but there are two people in my family who want to remain angry. They CHOOSE anger – so while it hurts me, there is nothing I can do. It’s not really regret so much as the pain of being shut out. One of them has some kind of mental issue (I’m not just saying that – he really does).

  6. malak:


  7. Barry:

    there isn’t just one thing… if i had to choose, i would say giving up on my dreams

  8. Alicia:

    …anything unresolved in relationships I resolve through writing and thought.

  9. fuckmebithces:

    my sex life. there was this one girl who really just was great in bed and did the right tricks. I never called her back and I wish I had.

  10. to be a better guy.

  11. blondegal:

    My relationship with my xhusband. I should have said I was sorry one more time.

  12. Accepting few things in my life

  13. Jaki:

    My last breakup. I mean, I don’t really regret it so much now because the last time I tried to talk to him he wouldn’t let me talk at all.

  14. Rayton:

    Not volunteering even when I had 4 months for that.

  15. Hane:

    Not asking him what is up

  16. Char:

    not talking to my ex before ending a 24 year marriage

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