Question 750

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34 Responses to “Question 750”

  1. m:

    not sleeping.. being mean to somebody.

  2. sunup:


  3. V3nD1:

    Being lazy.

  4. Mazl:

    Incorrect grammar…….being unkind…….unfaithful….

  5. dada:

    physical violence

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  7. Kawww:


  8. singswithravens:

    animal cruelty 🙁

  9. Cari:

    Letting your emotions get the better of you and taking them out on someone else

  10. Always Believe:

    for not respecting your body

  11. lili:

    giving up on your life

  12. Chill:


  13. Sandy:

    cruelty and bullying.

  14. Lee Stevens:

    The Koch Brothers spending large amounts of money to have illegal laws written to prevent poor Democrats from voting.The lie they put forward is, voter fraud is so rampant that Voter ID and purging of voter rolls is necessary to prevent voter fraud.There is no evidence to support this. In fact the opposite is true for decades voter turn out has been too low.This is part of a Republican Criminal pattern of win at any cost.

  15. thu:

    racial discrimination

  16. zavia:

    wasting time

  17. Me:

    me to not own those shoes. They are marvelous!

  18. Alicia:

    disgraceful behavior, racism, insensitivity, and violence.

  19. Darin:

    not chasing your dreams

  20. hira:


  21. Hurting anyone beyond repair

  22. cousin clearing:

    not being trust worthy 🙂

  23. Tristen:


  24. shaf:


  25. Jaki:

    Hate. Racism. Rape. Violence and abuse of any kind.

  26. Drew:


  27. Rayton:

    breaking someone’s trust

  28. Hane:

    leaving someone hanging without even the slightest hint of a goodbye

  29. just_jess:


  30. Cheating and any form of abuse.

  31. ..:

    Unhappiness. You can change anything.

  32. Kristian:


  33. Tiemen:

    failing to show compassion

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