Question 751

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  1. Drew:

    My girlfriend’s brother was killed in a car accident last Thursday, I’d be vague and say Life. But specifically, and especially pertaining to what’s been going on, Emotions. Emotions are a stupidly spectacular thing. They really are. Beautiful and just stupid.




    They’re wonderful and they suck.

  2. Rob:

    Women….. 🙂

    Drew, my condolences to you and your girlfriends family.

  3. jax:

    Answer: How someone else will react or feel about what you are saying. It’s one’s past experiences that make them react or not react to your behavior or words.

  4. m:

    when and where you are going to fall asleep.. when you need to fart.

  5. Mazl:

    my family …. my computer …… my thoughts

  6. Susan:

    Your fate …

  7. Mary:

    The second coming of Christ

  8. Chill:


  9. dada:


  10. lili:

    life …………….. anything can happen at any given moment, i have experienced the Egyptian revolution and that came out of no where and changed Egypt over night.
    also death

  11. Sandy:

    Everything is subject to the winds of change, so whilst many things can be predicted, it only takes one small anomaly to potentially throw all predictions out the window.
    Drew, my sympathies to your family at this time. Kia kaha (be strong).

  12. malak:

    Life ….everything in it …:)

  13. hayate-kun:

    yes,agrees wif Malak, Life is unpredictable.. :3

  14. Christine:

    life itself. you never know what’s going to happen

  15. The next moment

  16. Kotie:

    When you are going to fall in love

  17. Rayton:

    Your mood: a little thing can truly raise your feeling up to the sky- and another can shatter it for the rest of the day.

  18. Midway:


  19. Hane:

    When someone you least expect comes in and messes with your feelings.

  20. Me:

    LIFE! You NEVER know what is going to happen. Things can change in the blink of an eye.

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