Question 755

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18 Responses to “Question 755”

  1. Michael:

    When people talk about how much they hate their father. I lost my father when I was five years old to liver cancer. This Easter will be ten years since I’ve seen my father.

  2. m:

    when i’m tired.. when i’m hungry or when i hear someone talking about me or my family or my friends.

  3. hira:

    when m sad may b 4 happines i do tricks like talking myself,see in mirror n ask many question

  4. When people brag about their problems and look down upon others’ problems.

  5. dada:

    when people mess with other peoples lives

  6. Heath:

    I’m not sure the other responses made sense with respect to the question. I’d interpret “What makes you tick?” as “What drives you and keeps you going?” It seems like the picture threw people off, and they read “What makes you ticked?” as in “What makes you angry?” Anyway, the point is, I answered the question as I understood it…

    Mostly air, water and tasty complex carbohydrates. But I also need some loving and the occasional play-time.

  7. Rob:

    My seemingly never resting mind. I ask myself am I on the right path? Is this really what I want for my life? How could I do better? I still take the time to just be in a quiet spot in the sun but I’m not sure my mind even turns off

  8. Leila:

    Heath, I agree! I was thinking the same thing!

    What makes me tick is love.

  9. when others are judging without knowing someone..

  10. Drew:

    A lot of gears.

  11. Chill:

    When someone cant just leave me alone or let it be.

  12. hayate-kun:

    when i saw pictures of African kids.. 🙁
    it’s a tragic that i keep complaining about my life when they are dying to have mine!

  13. cousin clearing:

    when people cheat…………!

  14. Leila:

    people who act stupid. people who hurt people. people who pity themselves.

  15. Jenykel:

    The hope dat i can always do better.

  16. Betrayal and lies.

  17. Kendall:

    When people pick on the person with a disability whether its physical or mental. They are human beings too

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