Question 756

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26 Responses to “Question 756”

  1. m:

    the thought of that i’m fixing to go to sleep.. just the future.

  2. Drew:

    Hot chocolate and hope.
    Not much else.

  3. Katya:

    Just to live … My husband, my cat, my family, my friend πŸ™‚ Everything that makes me feel alive.

  4. Chill:

    My future

  5. Learning keeps me motivated. It’s self-empowering. It makes me feel alive.

  6. Susan:


  7. dada:

    lots of work !
    we was 3 months on stand by , totally bored on job and now finnally I dont lose my time sitting 8 hours anymore

  8. Michaela:

    Knowing that my future goals will not be met unless I do something today, right now to work towards them

  9. alwaysbelieve:

    living one day at a time …

  10. Rob:

    Every day gets better, have to keep going to see what tomorrow looks like

  11. lili:


  12. Vicky:

    my boyfriend
    the future in general , like any possible opportunities to better myself
    also the constant quest for something that makes it worth living

  13. Mazl:

    Endless curiosity

  14. Rachael:

    Knowing my horse depends on me to take care of him, my family, and knowing that my niece thinks of me as her second mother.

  15. Carrie:

    The good feeling of crossing things off my to-do list. Also knowing that I have 150 7th and 8th graders to which I have to be a role model.

  16. Lion Mama:

    My son in Med School taking exams and praying for a a better job to keep him and his family “on the hard track to somewhere better”.

  17. Leila:

    the fact that i’m ALMOST DONE with this never-ending project!!! i’m almost there!

  18. Me:

    The sheer amount of possibility that awaits me in future

  19. Alicia:

    The knowledge that someday this too will pass.
    And in later years, I will still remember of the awful side of school –the lack of sleep, the frustration, the feeling of being burnt out.–and I’ll also remember the good memories. The little moments of laughter, smiles, inside jokes–those will stick out more than the ugly ones.

    And in later years, I’ll have a diploma that opens doors that would’ve otherwise remained closed to me forever.
    And in later years, I’ll have wonderful memories.

    I just need to make it until then. And that’s motivation enough for me.

  20. Wesley:

    Agreed, the motivation that in a year or so I’ll have a diploma that will give me many more opportunities. And won’t have to worry about the problems I currently experience anymore.

  21. Jenykel:

    Learning new things…

  22. Jaki:

    My friends! I love them so much. πŸ™‚

  23. Mandi:

    My son…each time i look at him or think about him I get motivated

  24. just_jess:

    3 months until i’m in canada for 7 months… it keeps me going knowing it’ll all change soon.

  25. Rayton:

    The urge to accomplish things as soonas possible

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