Question 757

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  1. m:

    my bed.. my iphone

  2. Drew:

    My words.

  3. Leila:

    my laptop

  4. Jarvis:

    My car.

  5. Mazl:

    my glasses to see

  6. dada:

    my positive mind !
    my familly !

    thing: my apartment

  7. Rob:

    Iphone. Hands down

  8. my will

  9. Busse:

    my mind… my laptop maybe

  10. JustNera:

    iPhone with headphones.

  11. lili:

    my ability to think
    and my glasses

  12. Blink:

    My bike. It gives me freedom, stress relief, exercise, a hobby and transport. Probably more.

  13. Debi:

    My mustang.

  14. Me:

    Mind and body, heart and soul – though they don’t qualify as THING for me.
    So… would be my diary and my books. Don’t know what would I have done without my daily dose of reading and writing.

  15. Ilham:


  16. Ovie:

    My Mind

  17. Adam V:

    day planner…….yes, i’m old school

  18. Wesley:

    First thought was laptop, but I don’t own that. So my Jeep. Let’s me go wherever I want, whenever I want 🙂

  19. Bee:

    my diary!

  20. Susana75:

    My 2 dogs…unconditional love and great conversation starters. .. Everyone wants to talk about their pets….

    My faith in Jesus Christ… Sorry to put that AFTER the dogs, but I’m sure He’ll understand.

    My beautiful mind…it lets me go everywhere without ever leaving the driveway, and also to see many wondtous things I think most folks are too busy to see.

    My houseboat… My great escape… It may be just a floating apartment, but it’s HOME, beautiful scenery, lots of fish to catch… If I could just get there 2 or3 times a month year-round, it would be perfect!!!

    The TV remote… #1 most handy, ON and OFF. Also VOLUME! Changing channels is also a good tool to have.

    #1 most important at my age and with my disabilities is a good heating pad… And am thankful husband’s truck comes with one built into the leather seats! (Wonder what the po’ folks are doin?)

    That’s really just a joke- – – We ARE the po folks. We lucked up on this King Ranch truck, but like we spent today planting vegetables in my inlaw’s garden. They both have Altzheimers a

  21. Susana75:

    (Cont) Yeah, we’re caring for parents with Altheimers, but we know so many people in the same boat… And several freinds and so many with children who have become autistic… It almost makes me ashamed to beg for funding for MY incurable illness, ChronicFatigueImmuneDysfunctionSyndrome, or ME/CFS with or without Fibromyalgia.

    You just have to be thankful for each day, and all the gifts it brings. I tell everybody, I squeeze all the good I can out of every minute of every day. Down to the last drop.

    I am very thankful for a site like this where there is so much positive. Have bookmarked it, and will be coming here regularly and sharing… Today I was about ready to throw in the towel,and feeling SO INCREDIBLY GUILTY for being sad and down and negative on such a fantastically beautiful day God gave us.

    Thanks for boosting me up, and I hope my post makes everybody out there know, not everybody is the cherry on top of the sundae every time… Sometimes youre in the pits! But if you’re still optimistic and have faith, there’s always hope that things will be better tomorroe… Or at least that you know you’ve done the absolutr best you can, and that loved ones are taken care of.

  22. FEVEN:

    my books… my books.

  23. Sandy:

    Susana75 I get you! I agree, my dog. He makes me feel truly and unconditionally loved. He gets me out and about, we meet people and he cleans my floor when I drop stuff. Fantastic!

  24. Drew:

    my penis?

    j/k !

    but really..

  25. Midway:

    my kindle

  26. Marit:

    My husband
    (although it’s kinda disrespectful to call him a thing)

  27. Bilbo:

    Hickie remover

  28. Kiara:

    My Multistrada 1200 or my iPhone.

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