Question 758

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15 Responses to “Question 758”

  1. Drew:

    Cutting 14 inches of my hair for starters. I’m not clean shaven Jesus anymore. That helps a lot.

  2. m:

    having a normal sleeping routine.. nothing really.

  3. Me:

    I stopped brooding over the past which has helped me see my present and future more clearly.

  4. Cutting out Skyrim

  5. Susan:

    Rising earlier, exercising in the morning before work and brushing teeth in the shower

  6. dada:

    going to work by bicycle

  7. Mazl:

    Checking transport timetables and then moving faster, a lot faster

  8. Rob:

    Taking a little time for me in the morning to make sure I wake up well. I listen to a song or two I like, maybe read a little. Starts my day well, thereby saving me mental energy throughout the day.

  9. Alicia:

    Having a good book to read. It gives me an alternative to going online to sites that keep you there (Youtube and it’s darn “related videos”). I can decide to read a chapter or two, and gives me the break I need (without the loss of so much time).

    In addition, I find that coming back to work from reading isn’t as hard as coming back from a site.

  10. Jodie:

    I now check work and personal emails only twice a day (each).

  11. Kvn:

    Being “Facebook sober” for more than a month. I have accomplished so many things for my future since I stopped worrying about my online social life. Real life social interactions are so much more productive.

  12. Sandy:

    I gave up work. Fantastic. Who cares that I don’t have money, it doesn’t matter. I can always go back and do a day here and there. Life is great without the stress.

  13. Kotie:

    Not taking a shower every day! My body doesn’t need it and I have a lot more time on the days I dont shower!

  14. Hayely:

    Making lunches the day before and setting out my son’s clothes.

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