Question 759

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  1. Mazl:


  2. dada:

    disrespect of diversity

  3. Duvey:


  4. Heather:


  5. Leila:


  6. Jodie:


  7. Adam V:


  8. Wesley:

    I don’t know that I’d use the word ugly for anything in today’s world. It seems to harsh, overused, or incorrectly used.

  9. Joshua:

    Comments made just to hurt someone.

  10. Bee:

    malicious words used as a tool to gain power over a weaker person. the worst thing is that this type of malice takes a long time to recognise…

  11. Hana:

    Cussing. Trying to act cool.

  12. Derick:

    Weakness without the need to find strength, stupidity without the need for knowledge, and despair without the wish to have hope.

  13. Blink:


  14. brin:

    A lack of compassion

  15. reflecting upon what my own moments of cruelty did to others and myself, i would summarize by saying: i acted upon my emotional reactions, rather than using clear objectivity. anger, fear, self-loathing, insecurity and loneliness became motivating factors to punish others and myself. the worst part was i never realized how cruel i really was because i validated my behaviour as self-protection, escapism and believing i was not responsible for my own pain. i am 50 years old now and finding peace with myself. my advice to anyone reading this is: whoever YOU are and no matter how OLD you are please remember to be honest with yourself first before you act with cruelty.

  16. Jenykel:

    Unappreciation, neglect & pride.

  17. Andrew:

    Ignorance – “blindness” brought on by the unwillingness to see.

  18. Jaki:

    Things that people have said to me and things that I have said to other people.

  19. Me:

    Selfish or self centered thoughts by fellow human beings

  20. FEVEN:

    fighting………… lying

  21. Sandy:

    meanness and gossip

  22. Debi:

    The F word. I hate it, wish i could obliterate it from our language!

  23. Ilham:

    ignorance. pettiness.

  24. Midway:

    Mean people

  25. Meera:

    people who are unable to apologize if they have hurt someone and sometimes, people who can’t forgive and forget, and move on. Life can be made beautiful if you really want to, I believe so.

  26. just_jess:


  27. Rayton:


  28. Intolerance.

  29. Kristian:

    Fake People.

  30. southerngirl:

    my reflection

  31. Jiba:

    Just cruelty to others, acting intentionally to hurt another, revenge

  32. hexmage:

    Being ashamed of yourself and stating such to the world frequently. You’re knowingly forcing people to compliment you. It makes you attention seeking, which is ugly. Putting others in a position to either compliment you or let their silence be the insult is cruel and unfair.

  33. Me:


  34. York:

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  35. Last year, my opening day strkreis were Dean Ashton, Carlton Cole, and Robin van Persie so I’m with you on WH talent up front I guess.. but I’m not sure who will partner Cole if Ashton leaves could be anyone from savio junior stanislas to jiminez or even boa morte / collison playing in an attacking midfield role and supporting a 4-5-1. I don’t know Zola / Wham well enough to really know the tactics, but we shall see. Di Michele is at Torino and F. Sears is out on loan somewhere, so they are not in the mix this time around

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