Question 760

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33 Responses to “Question 760”

  1. Drew:

    Music, hot chocolate, my cat, honestly my girlfriend too.

  2. m:

    sleep.. family.

  3. Derick Williamson:

    My sense of self. Without me I am nothing, and would be lost.

  4. Wesley:

    my laptop.

  5. Wesley:

    the love of my life. I’m so much happier and better with her in my life <3

  6. Mazl:

    a dog. … a piano.. …central vision.. …yoghurt……,.

  7. Rob:

    At moments my friends.

  8. Bee:

    My mother <3

  9. rob:

    My vision?

  10. Hana:

    Jesus Christ

  11. dada:

    everything and nothing …

  12. navdeep:

    friends,family,njoyment n etcc…

  13. Chill:

    A purpose

  14. alwaysbelieve:


  15. Deb:

    GOD, Faith, Slavation!

  16. Susan:

    A GOAL . . . something to work towards, look forward to and accomplish!

  17. Jenykel:

    My determinations & my faith.

  18. Leila:


  19. lili:

    a purpose

  20. Alicia:

    Time alone
    My boyfriend, the love of my life <3 My life is a life because of him.

  21. Jaki:


  22. Me:

    My inner strength and faith in Almighty which keeps me going despite all odds.

  23. Drew:

    ditto on hope..without hope there is nothing but despair and if there is any real evil in this world, it has it’s roots in despair

  24. Jesus

  25. Meera:

    My mother 🙂

  26. Love.

  27. Rayton:

    belief in the way I’m walking and towards the future I’m heading towards.

  28. GOD

  29. southerngirl:

    God and his son Jesus Christ

  30. Jiba:

    Special Friends

  31. hexmage:

    Someone to talk to…

  32. Grace:

    someone to pour my heart into

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