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  1. Justin:

    You should not care what people think of you because if you do, you will never be yourself until you realize that.

  2. Leila:

    Never be cruel to another human being. Never. That includes making fun of people, belittling them, starting rumors about them, giving them the silent treatment, etc. Be kind and think about how hurtful your actions can be.

  3. Bee:

    never let anyone make you do something you don’t want to do. you should never be ashamed to be yourself- stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy.

  4. Drew:

    Being cool has never mattered in the history of existence.

    Also, read The Perks of Being A Wallflower. That books will help you ten times more than any words that I could give you.

  5. Angria:

    Drew – You seriously read my mind! Perks of Being a Wallflower defined my teen/young adult years. I still read it frequently.

    As cliche (and copyrighted) as it sounds, things do get better after high school. People are stupid and immature as teens. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions or their words. Just keep looking towards the future and be yourself.

  6. Never listen to other teenagers, they’re just being immature. Always say no to drugs and never listen to the words “I love you” because teenagers don’t know what love is until they’ve grown more mature.

  7. Andrew:

    Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    Stupid people never learn; smart people learn from their mistakes, but it is the truly wise that learn from the mistakes of others (…and this is why we study history).

  8. m:

    sleep as much as you can.. pay attention in class..

  9. Drew:

    Jessica. That’s untrue.

    I know what love is. After two and a half years with a beautiful, beautiful girl, I know what love is. I am a fool and the only thing I have to give her is a poor gift and that’s myself, and I try my hardest to keep giving it. I think when I realized this, that was the day that I started saying that I was in love.

    I’m sorry about what happened to you. That reply had pain inside of it.

  10. sunup:

    Be nice to yourself no matter how or who you are…

  11. Alicia:

    Just survive. You can figure it out later.

    Do what you have to do to get out of there, but don’t resort to desperate measures (drugs, illegal trade, etc).

  12. Wesley:

    Enjoy it while you can. I know there are hard times and frustration. But that’s true with all aspects of life.

  13. Inge:

    Always remember you’re beautiful, no matter what other people tell you. Also, you’re loved, amazing, talented and strong. Enjoy this beautiful world, enjoy you’re beautiful life! ‘Cause in the end, all that matters is love, and in the end, love is what you will find.

  14. Lulú:

    Prepare, yuor chance will come and if yuo are not at your fullest you will miss it, Study and work hard on what you love. 😉

  15. Sjors:

    Be young,
    do things people do when they’re young: make friends, love them, hate them, lose friends, make new friends, go out, use drugs (just not too often), fight with your parents, be irresponsible sometimes.
    But always remember that life lasts longer than youth, and someday it’ll be different. Learn from it

    friends, memories, actions and their consequences will shape you to who you’re gonna be later.
    so make as many as possible to be the most complete person you could possibly be!

  16. mac1:

    be yourself, be kind

  17. Jaki:

    Don’t take small things too seriously, and don’t take big choices lightly. Both will come back to bite you in the butt if you do.

  18. Me:

    Remember you are special. There is a wonderful world full of opportunities waiting for you out there. Just give your best shot and reach there to make your mark!

  19. sasha:

    -be young, fall in love but always remember to not take it too seriously. try to see things from your parents perspective but still know how to make your own decisions. don’t take people for granted. and just live life. you’ll never get those years back. make as MANY memories as you can.
    “no one remembers the nights they got enough sleep”

  20. Sandy:

    Be nice, and most importantly…this too will pass!

  21. Kylie:

    Most of the stuff that seems important to you now, won’t matter one bit in the future.

    Enjoy how easy high school is….life won’t always be that way….you will miss it.

  22. Drew:

    Stay away from drugs and the people that do them

  23. Debi:

    Graduate from high school, don’t quit, you will regret it! Also stay away from drugs, it ruins lives and causes more heartache than you can imagine! There’s a reason this is repeated over and over, it’s good advice, take notice! It’s critical to your livelyhood. Enjoy your youth, don’t rush into relationships, time to yourself is important and under-rated! Make yourself a priority, live like there’s no tomorrow.

  24. sahana:

    Respect the elders, follow the customs & traditions, concentrate on studies as well your future career, hav a while short vaction to get relax yourself…………n noy the life …..:)

  25. Ilham:

    you have more power than you know. if you’re lucky, you’ll be recruited as the next power rangers,

  26. varun:

    don’t kill yourself, it gets worse from here but dont let it make you end yourself, make life go through the trouble but dont do it youtself

  27. After high school, there is no such thing as “being cool”… in fact, it never really existed in the first place.

  28. twright:

    trust in God.

  29. Julie Takase:

    Realize that these years will fly by. Enjoy every second.

  30. Rayton:

    Love yourself for who you are and never fear chasing who you want to be and fulfill your potential.

  31. Taylor:

    Life changes with every breath you take. It’ll all make sense one day, just wait it out.

  32. Kendall:

    Dont give up every bit of yourself to a person. Relationships change quicker than you may realize and one day you might just wish you had that piece of you back. Just wait until you are a little older to decide if its “love” or the real thing.

  33. Khanna:

    Just learn to love yourself–everything will fall eventually in place if you learn how to.

  34. Sarah:

    You have to love and respect yourself before other people can.

  35. ed:

    Find yourself then be who you were meant to be. Why try and be someone else, they probably don’t know who they are either!!!

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