Question 763

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  1. Drew:

    Read. I work in a library and I never read, I’m so annoyed with this but I have no attention span to do it.

  2. m:

    sleep… pay more attention to things around me.

  3. Me:

    WRITE…off late I have a feeling of being blank. Cant think of anything at all. I dont know should I rejoice or feel sad about it.

  4. drown myself in a world of words, run in the mornings, and feel the breeze against my skin.

  5. Chill:

    Make time to talk to more people…i hate the feeling of being shy and not being able to talk my mind.

  6. Susan:

    I wish I had more time to do nothing. I NEVER do nothing. I’m always doing something. I think it’s important to do nothing every once in a while.

  7. FEVEN:

    be a good friend to the friends that i have lost contact with…… and be my self.

  8. Ravi:

    be alone walk in nature read more

  9. dada:

    study something …

  10. Célia:

    Share more love with people around.

  11. Richard:

    Read. I love to read, but I book myself with too much.

  12. Cari:

    Ride my horses! It’s difficult now because although the weather is perfect we are moving, and that has taken away my riding time 🙁

  13. lili:

    go horse riding every day in a natural setting like the desert

  14. Sandy:

    Just ‘be’. We are a human being not a human doing, so I would like to spend more time just ‘being’.

  15. Mazl:

    Cycle…….play the piano …… bushwalk …eat more yoghurt….. talk to people I don’t know …

  16. Leila:


  17. Fiona:

    Go hiking. I live in the suburbs and never feel very motivated to spend much time outside.

  18. Mandi:

    READ….i LOVE to read but I haven’t read a book in a long time and I miss that. oh and draw….i miss my art

  19. Drew:

    Exercized more..walking even..something, but there never seems to be enough TIME

  20. Jodie:

    Keep the faith. Faith is harder for me to maintain as soon as chaos, commotion, crisis, confusion, or calamity arrive in my life.

  21. My law books.

  22. Lauren:

    Expressed gratitude…

  23. ankita:

    dance express gratitude karat,horseride so many things!!

  24. Tessa:

    Read more, socialize often, smile alot, bake cakes… Just be myself and live my life!

  25. Alicia:

    Boogie board, surf, read, write, study Arabic, run, practice martial arts, spent time with friends

  26. Liz:

    go to the beach

  27. Seth:


  28. Midway:

    I agree with Chill. I am too shy for my own good.

  29. Meera:

    As Leila said, “pray”, remind myself to thank the creator for giving me this life, I wouldn’t exchange it for anyone’s :), Im glad to be where I am , with the people I am with…I need to thank God more often.

  30. Rayton:

    sportive activities and reading

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