Question 767

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  1. Drew:

    What makes everybody else different, my heart. Though I think what separates me from everyone is that I speak it.

    Man, I’ve had such serious answers lately. What’s with that?

  2. m:

    i sleep alot.. i’m short.

  3. Mazl:

    I think I am eccentric – I don’t think it’s too bad though to be eccentric? Is it? I ask too many questions, don’t I?

  4. alwaysbelieve:

    too aggressive in getting what I want and need

  5. dada:

    accepting people as they are and not mixing in other peoples lifes

  6. Angria:

    I’m incredibly honest and direct. I’m also not afraid to ask questions, regardless of any subsequent controversy. I think both combined make me off-putting for some people.

  7. Jodie:

    I march to the beat of a different drummer, dancing to a beat no one else hears….

  8. Debi:

    Drew and Jodie, I can relate. I’ve been told to smile more often, and didn’t realize i wasn’t, so I guess I’m too serious. I also struggle with feeling alone and like a doormat. Unhappy lately and unable to fix it.

  9. Sandy:

    I am pretty blunt. I do not suffer fools gladly.

  10. lei:

    I can be very tough, especially in love. I get to experience the kind of pain that makes giving up a good relief but I never choose to give up because I know that love can do great things, maybe not in my favor but for the sake of giving hope to other people’s lives.

  11. nunks:

    what I think

  12. Akemi:

    I have a love for adventure that no one else has. In five years, I see myself studying design in Italy, or animation in Tokyo, while the people around me seem to want to stay closer to home. I think that makes independence another great thing about me, I don’t have any fear about being different or standing on my own, and I actually enjoy it.

  13. Alexander:

    MY AttITuDE………….!!!

  14. thebrunette:

    My outlook on life

  15. l:

    Sadly on one hand… Everything.
    On the other hand is happy… The more of each you feel, the stronger the other is.
    I can take the pain with that degree of happy…anyday

  16. Meera:

    The way I laugh out aloud…I have heard sweet as well as horrifying things about my laughter :)not that I can change it 🙂

  17. Yanina:

    The thing which make me different are my smile and positive way of thinking in any situation)))

  18. Yanina:

    The things which make me different are my smile and positive way of thinking in any situation))))

  19. Amanda:

    I’m really sarcastic. More so than almost everybody else I know.

  20. just_jess:

    the age old question… how am i different… i’m not really that different… that’s the thing, we are more similar than different…

  21. Maldo:

    The fact that I am myself and nobody else is!

  22. Me:

    I am different for I am myself and no one else can be like me

  23. Julie Takase:

    My ability to not allow myself to become a victim. I see every negative memory as a challenge.

  24. Rayton:

    The special combinations of traits that I have- My values, my hobbies, my attitutes- the combination of them is something that only I possess and no one else does.

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