Question 768

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30 Responses to “Question 768”

  1. m:

    sleep.. goals.

  2. Alexander:


  3. … laughter!

  4. Susan:

    Life is wasted without GOD in it.

  5. dada:

    love ofcourse

  6. Mazl:

    …wonder……. gratitude….

  7. Chill:

    Life is wasted without happiness, whether brought by love, laughter, or success.

  8. Drew:

    I would say love. Not romantic love though. A love for all people, unconditional love.

  9. alwaysbelieve:

    being authentic

  10. Stacey:

    Travel & new experiences.

  11. Akemi:

    Life would wasted without friends. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  12. Leila:


  13. Jodie:


  14. Tessa:

    Smiles and laughter

  15. Alicia:

    Good friends, education, and opportunities

  16. Leena:

    Laughter. Adventure 🙂

  17. Sandy:

    m, you are starting to do my head in. Are you getting help? Life is wasted without love and laughter and equally wasted on sleep obsessions.

  18. Dana:


  19. feven:


  20. l:

    Purpose, people and passion…

  21. Companionship

  22. Wesley:

    someone to share it with

  23. Katie:


  24. Meera:

    Love and laughter

  25. Me:

    Dreams, love and someone to share them with

  26. Victor:

    Love and laugh

  27. Rayton:


  28. Cora:


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