Question 773

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30 Responses to “Question 773”

  1. Michael:

    Spontaneous generosity and kindness. I love to do it, but seeing it warms my heart even more

  2. Luz:

    The sea, the sky, the nature, my husband’s eyes, my pets, my little garden, children, birds.

  3. Drew:

    Kindness. I’d kill for a little just, genuine, selfless kindness from somebody. Anybody.

  4. m:

    people sleeping.. love and kindness.

  5. sincerity

  6. jj:

    compassion and understanding

  7. Susan:


  8. Mazl:

    Spontaneous, unselfish acts of kindness – to anyone – when no-one is looking (but then I wouldn’t see it, would I?).

  9. catski:

    smiling. I think a lot of people forget to

  10. Sandy:

    Kindness and my grandchildren.

  11. Char:

    Acceptance … it’s exhausting trying to be what others think you should be 😉

  12. Tessa:

    My family!

  13. antlers:

    happiness and positivity. People are just so sad all the time 🙁

  14. Debi:

    The ocean

  15. alwaysbelieve:


  16. Chill:


  17. FD:

    the world.

  18. dada:

    motivated colleagues and meaning of my work

  19. Natalie:

    People doing the right thing and not just what is convenient or necessarily right for them only.

  20. Ilham:

    the simpsons lol

  21. Wesley:


  22. Hane:

    How sincere he was

  23. Maureen:

    Laughter..people laughing and having fun.

  24. Me:

    Selfless love and affection

  25. twright:

    My brother and his son

  26. Julie Takase:

    humility and love towards strangers

  27. Cora:

    possitive people

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