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  1. moca:

    No because there are those that steal to feed their greed and leave the victims to starve but expect them to continue to work a broken system

  2. ooly:

    There’s no right or wrong answer, it depends on the situation. if you really can’t offer food to your child, you got to do what you have to do to survive. and the act of striving to survive in our nature. i like what my friend said, it’s only wrong if you got caught!

  3. Kyle:

    Wrong? In what sense? Legally, yes, you’d be arrested. Socially, no, most people would understand. Naturally, no, survival of the fittest. Morally, depends on your religion!

  4. tom:

    not feeding children is the ultimate form of stealing BY THE RICH who require us to feed their overstuffed coffers. Stealing versus starving negates any other consideration but physical.

  5. someone:

    Everyone should have the right to food. If they don’t have food, they’re denied their rights.

    I think that if you have too much food, then why not give it?
    It is better for one person to lose something they don’t need (or could easily get more of) than allow the loss of life.

  6. Ego:

    To what end? So they can suffer through a couple more days? There is no reason to waste the time, effort or money on these people. Population control needs to be a factor and this is a great non-aggressive way to control it.

  7. Cassie:


  8. Mam:

    It’s the Robin Hood concept of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Is it an injustice to those who work hard to put food on their plates? Or is it to those who are incapable of attaining any type of supplying position? If the child is starved, you won’t just be stealing from them once. It’ll be a recurring factor. Why not help equip the child with a stable means of nourishment? Aid in a way that ensues permanent succour.

    It is clearly wrong by political and religious law. And it’s also a pointless deed of grace since it results in no lasting relief.

  9. I know right the way that this picture was taken from my country, since I’m able to read the sign in the back. To answer this question not only for a specific country, I will say it’s both yes and no. We all can look at it from different perspectives. Everything can be look at different ways of thinking. Back to the subject, I personally think that yes, stealing to feed a starving child is wrong. if people are not able to support themselves in the first place, then why bother bringing anymore troubles into their lives? Not because of the selfishness, but because of the mean of survival. In another answer, however, it wouldn’t be wrong to steal in order to feel a homeless child. If some people even bother to care enough about others who live on the same planet, then they might steal to help others who are in the worst shape than they are in order for them to survive. Again, these two answers can be look from different perspectives.

  10. But if you people ask me what I really think, I would say no, it wouldn’t be wrong to steal in order to feel a homeless child. I really bellieve that just one thing we do for other human beings that share the same world as ours, the ones that aren’t able to support themselves even though some are in perfect conditions, can absolutely change their lives. Think about how those people, homeless ones or disabled ones, are not able to have some of the things we have. So why not be generous and help a little? Why not give something that means so little to us, yet means the world to them and posibly change their lives?

  11. it’s not wrong, it’s just what i think i will never do, a thought came from one who never been exposed to unprotected environment.

    there’s common rule in our society that for whatever reason we violates the rule, we are required to pay the price.
    so when we made a choice which is against the rule, we need to be ready to live in its inconvenient outcome too.

  12. Chris:

    If a kid needs some food buy it. if you cant buy some food take it.

  13. Tim:

    My answer is no.

  14. walt:


  15. Jake Belyeu:

    No, but if parent blows money on things they do not need and has no money to buy food for there childern; then it would be wrong to steal food.

  16. Kayleigh:

    How can it be wrong to feed a starving child? Therefore, how can it be wrong to steal to feed a starving child?

  17. andrew:

    No, only after exhausting all other options, and I do me ALL other options.

  18. This is not a yes and no question. If the world was balck and white, it could be answered by a simple yes or no, and it would probably be right to say; yes, you may steal to save a life.

    But in our real gray world it would alway depend on curcomstances. Just imagine if you said yes, and someone stole from someone else, who the starved to death… So, its not easy to answer the questions as it is put forward.

  19. Steven:


  20. bobby:


  21. Sarah:

    Unfortunately, I’ve been one of those mothers. I wish it wasn’t necessary for any child’s parent to have to make that decision. Children should not have to suffer PERIOD! They weren’t born into this world to pay for societies f*ck ups. Also, for those who choose to assume that people in that situation are lazy or lesser people…. (only able to speak for my own situation) I am a very hard worker; single mom who has worked 2 jobs while putting myself through school and graduated with an associates so far. Sometimes life doesn’t work the way you plan and at the time this was an issue for me… I had the choice to be one of those women who accepts abuse and continued to live in a home, with food but for a price far too high, or to leave the situation before my children suffered the same but for a price of a home and food. I chose life

  22. muthaphuckas stealin my bread from my store??? then i dont get money! then my family got no food and THEY starve! hey maybe i should steel bread from another guy……

  23. Romer Jed:

    From my perspective, I say it’s not wrong.

    But from society’s perspective, if we steal for a reason that is just. Then what is the purpose of rules? There are exceptions to everything, but rather than forcing someone to get to that position… our society should have not put anyone into that predicament in the first place.

  24. Adel:

    Stealing to feed a starving child isn’t wrong at all, survival primes. However, letting the child starve and doing nothing about it IS wrong indeed.

  25. EmilyBee:

    i think not giving what you have excess of to the poor is wrong

  26. Anonymous:


  27. Lindsey:

    No; I would much rather see myself starve than a child

  28. Tiff:

    To charge a starving child for bread should be the crime.

  29. April:

    Hard to say. I do believe you should do anything to preserve the life of your child though, so I feel like that makes it okay if it’s the only way.

  30. Phenethylamine:

    Stealing the survive is understandable, but should never be necessary. The only reason one would ever need to steal for survival is because, in a broader sense, their means to survive have been pilfered from them by others in the first place for profit. (Capitalism)

  31. Aimee:

    Wrong? no. Against the law? yes. A life is more important than profit or law.

  32. Amanda:

    It’s against the law, but that doesn’t make it wrong. It is more wrong to let a child starve.

  33. Anon:


  34. Kathryn:

    No. It would be worse to lose a person than a loaf of bread.

  35. bsf:

    no. in the legal sense, yes, but in the way of human nature and needing to survive, then no, never.

  36. Nick:

    No, as long someone really needed something to eat.

  37. Michael Hitchcock:

    It’s almost an unanswerable. We stick someone in the middle of a totally unjust situation and then question their next move.
    Why is the child starving? Why is there a society where there is enough food to eat, but certain people are in a position to have to steal?
    In this case, the individual moral questions are almost irrelevant.

    But you better start asking the bigger questions.

  38. Rowena:

    Let me ask you this… Is letting someone die, when you could’ve saved them, wrong?

  39. AM:


  40. NO. There are so many other options.They should start to pray GOD & will get help from unexpected sources.

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