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  1. Rob:

    Accept yourself, accept others as they are. Life will run much smoother for all of us this way

  2. dada:

    sorry folks, 30 sec is just not enough to be smart for a Whole world so LETS PARTY 🙂

  3. y:

    Let me go to your country and stay your house for 1 week.

  4. Sandy:

    Life is too short to stay mad and carry a grudge, any grudge, no matter how large or small. The carrying of it will only weigh you down and ultimately destroy that what you cherish most.

  5. winston:

    hate has no place in any religion and give peace a chance

  6. Littlecloud:

    “What one can and cannot do

    is ruled by society.

    Society consists of people.

    We are people.

    So what one can and cannot do

    is ruled by us

    and therefore you and I can change it.”

    To often we feel powerless, because we don’t realize WE make the power. Let the strong help the ones in need. Let the inspired enlighten the ones who are lost. Let the faithful restore the faith of those in pain.

    And remember:

    Us is you
    Us is me
    Us is us
    And we are we

    We can change this world, together!

  7. Wesley:

    I would remind the world to think (and care) about every action you make. How does it affect the people around you? How does it affect you? Would you mind if someone did that near you?

    The world would be a lot better of a place if people actually thought and cared about how they affected others.

  8. Maureen:


  9. Me:

    Always be what you are. Never change yourself for there is no another YOU in this world and you are made this way for some reason. Be proud of it. And as it is said,

    Don’t walk as if you own the world, walk as if you don’t care who does!!

  10. Sam:

    Our ancestors, saw us as one.

    We’re ultimately all the children of the same parents.(Both evolution-wise and religious-wise)

    You don’t want your children to fight, yes? What makes you think our ancestors would want that?

  11. I think I would explain to people that if they feel lost or stuck, or even simply not as successful as they’d hoped, that it’s never to late to make big changes. It all starts with the way you think. Success comes from our own thoughts and materializes through our vision.

  12. Justin:

    When are we going to stop looking on the things outside of someone and start looking on the things inside that really matter?

  13. Alexandra:

    in life there are two things to live by forgiveness and care. Live by them and you will see that you will receive the same.

  14. Debi:

    Listen and hear me, we need to live together in peace and take better care of our planet.
    Solar energy needs to be used and made available to everyone, health care should be free,
    children should be taught better, teachers should be paid more, hunger is rampant, we can feed the people and make the world a better place for everyone. Love is the answer! We can change the world, we just have to try harder! Let’s do this togther, please!

  15. esha:

    badluck by da way i dun like speeches

  16. Rayton:

    With the difficulties of life, many of us really miss what is it all about. We are not here to exist, we exist to live, and live wholeheartedly. Run, jump, try, have fun, sing, dance, enjoy what the world offers. There are wonderful people around, care for each other and learn about yoruself and them. Find a reason to wake up smiling each morning, and never forget you are meant to do it. Just use life, because we won’t get another chance.

  17. Anne:

    I’d probably say “I don’t know much of anything, and I hardly consider myself qualified enough to make a speech for everyone to hear but here I am, so use me as an example. you don’t need to be better than everyone else, you just have to be as good as you can. do what you want as long as it’s not harmful to yourself or anyone else, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and please consider others when you think about hurting yourself. believe it or not, people care about you. show someone today that you care so they won’t forget.”

  18. beluga617:

    Well i have multiple speeches in case so here are few
    (The goverment speech (mostly gay marrige and that good stuff) ) why does it matter who marrys who whats it to you you shuld live and love who you want without restraint men can love other men just as much as men cam love women so just let them of the hook plese

    (The one out for the people for looks) well why shuld looks matter they wont stay the same no matter how hard you try we arnt like peter pan who can stay young and helthy forever its the heart that counts i mean useally when you marry someone your supposed to stay forever but nope because of some personalty check they dont saty together forever

    (Wars and how dumb they are) why fight why kill all you get branded with in my eyes is a murderer not a hero and if you dye you let down a lot of people friends famly and what do you get if you win the war some money some land why cant we be like the indians and say NO to wars and say this land is all of ours not yours not mine but ours

  19. ed:

    Feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe those who are naked, and hold the hand of a child who has no one else to love them. Love those who are unlovable, forgive those who have hurt you, help those in great need, and reach out and hug your neighbor. Make this world a better place for everyone. It all starts with YOU!

  20. Joleen:

    I would say nothing at all, because the world is not getting closer to that. I wish for love, happiness and truth. But tell it the people who fight, since they were born, who are hungry every day, who gight for their lifes. You think, they care about happiness in world? I think they would kill for something to eat, etc.

  21. Joleen:

    *who fight for their lifes. sorry…

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