Question 779

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  1. Leila:


  2. Alicia:

    Writing my will and letters to the people closest to me. I would ensure my friends were taken care of, and it was as easy on them as possible. I would be sure to make sure my organs could be donated.

    If I completed that, I would be with my boyfriend.

  3. jj:

    saying to important people whom I had the pleasure of meeting in this life how much they meant to me and how much they are important and good to this world. hugging.

  4. Ted:

    Call and leave a one minute message with the 15 people that have touched my life the most, starting with the most recent and working back.

  5. Susan:

    I’d be with the ones I love most in this world — my son and husband — telling them how much I love them and will miss them.

  6. Julia:

    Tucking into bed. Goodnight.

  7. Mazl:

    Check the fridge to make sure there was enough yoghurt, put on some fresh lipstick (after the yoghurt of course), grab the dog, change into some comfortable clothes, kiss my husband…… and watch the clock…..

  8. Rob:

    Id’ be on my motorcycle seeing just how fast it would really go. Hell I’d have stolen someone elses motorcycle to see how fast it would really go.

  9. Tapio J.:

    Writing a letter – wishing everyone would give themselves courage to go after what they really want!
    Thanking for my family for everything, also my friends.
    Would promise that We’ll meet again, as after all We’re all one..

    And finally I would prepare for the next step..

  10. Blink:

    I’d have already written to all those there are still things left to say to. Then I would be having a drink and talking with my family by an open fire, or under the stars.

  11. Hane:

    write a letter o ben and my family

  12. Write my last poem. Leave something for people to remember me when they read…

  13. Maureen:

    I would be with friends and family telling them how much I love them. I would be pray and feel blessed that the things that matter most are with me at the end.

  14. m:

    honestly.. i’d be sleeping.

  15. Me:

    I always wanted to leave personalised letters to my loved ones telling them how much they meant to me. So would do that and spare the rest of the time praying to Him.

  16. Jo:

    I’d call my best friend

  17. Jillian:

    Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like it’s heaven on Earth. (to quote Mark Twain)

  18. Julie Takase:

    I’d be with my loved ones appreciating every moment.

  19. Chill:

    To tell you the truth i’d rather be alone staring at the moon and the darkness

  20. Wesley:

    Hugging my girlfriend <3

  21. I would be eating… my journals would be all piled up together, everything in order, but I would be eating anything and everything I could, plus having a few coctails too.

  22. Jess:

    cookies and cream icecream.

  23. Heather:

    you mean after I wrote my will, said my goodbyes to everyone, and took care of my unfinished business?
    I’d probably be talking with God.

  24. Kay:

    (Why wait until your last 15 minutes to do these things?)

  25. sunup:

    Tell my parents how much I love them and thank them for everything.

  26. Jed:

    I would have done everything that I wanted to do by then.
    I’d spend that last moment sitting on top of a building in NYC watching the scenery play by while listening to the final few beats of the city pass me by.

  27. Ilham:

    sleeping. 🙂 im just glad that i can sleep at night again. woohoo.

  28. Mortemor:

    With those last fifteen minutes I would sit outside on the roof with the man that I love with his arms around me feeling his warm embrace while hearing the world living around me. With that, perhaps I would pass with a smile on my lips.

  29. Russell:

    sobbing uncontrollably like any rational person

  30. esha:

    i ll hug my family n call someone special who is not with me and ll say u r v special for u plz takecare of yourself

  31. Rayton:

    probably with my loved ones, trying to leave behind me the most I can and try to leave my legacy. I will enjoy every last moment, and in the end walk to my room, get into my bed and try to say goodbye to the world and thank my existance.

  32. Nate:

    Having sex striving to go the whole 15 minutes.

  33. Joey:

    make sure the few people i care about are taken care of and then either talking or watching bsg with my best friend

  34. Abu:

    desperately ask God to allow me inside heaven

  35. Anne:

    i would probably be at home with my immediate family and close friends (kendall, rachel, drake, drew, harrison, hayden, sydney) and i’d give them my facebook password and my journals and we’d sing something together.

  36. Cora:

    If i knew what time i would die i would brodcast my death on YOU TUBE. i would do something really exciting right before my death and say alot of great words…. everyone would watch it because its never been done before and i would be remembered.

  37. Lauren:

    telling each person in my life, how much they mean to me… and how special I truly find them to be. They would never know how much they are thought of in my life…

  38. Bilbo:

    Setting the clock back!

  39. Lindsay:

    spending it with who ever wanted to be there

  40. Mukesh:

    i will be thanking the god because at last he is giving me the freedom from the place where i live.

  41. southerngirl:

    hugging, kissing, and loving on my two daughters (7&11) – telling them everything I could, giving them advice, explaining things that need to be explained…videotaping it all so they could look back on it later in life

  42. David:

    Probably write a letter to loved ones, pray and cry a bit. Man, this was a fantastic question and really beautiful answers everyone.

  43. bwatt:

    saying my goodbyes, praying, and crying

  44. Devaroe:

    saying my goodbyes and playing video games

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