Question 780

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23 Responses to “Question 780”

  1. Julia:

    My Mom

  2. dada:

    familly, as always

  3. Agnessa:

    Parents, while I still have them! And a few friends for those things parents can’t help with. I feel blessed now.

  4. Rachel:

    My family, my friends, my boyfriend… each could probably help in their own way

  5. Sam:

    First off my mind > Family.

    And how we take them for granted. Sigh. I ought to do more to cherish the little time we all have with our families :(.

  6. Christine:

    Actually, this just happened to me recently–the State.

  7. Christine:

    Actually, this just happened to me recently–a Christian-based ministry.

  8. Rob:

    My family. As always.

  9. Tessa:

    My family

  10. Wesley:

    My girlfriend, and my parents

  11. m:

    my bed so i could sleep.. God.

  12. jj:

    both of my families, biological and family of souls.

  13. Phoebe:

    Maybe.. God?

  14. Heather:

    The first name to come to mind is my best friend Eliza. but I like Phoebe’s answer more

  15. amyi:

    first god. then a shelter or prostituting.

  16. Jed:

    Honestly, I would have no idea who I’d turn to

  17. Rayton:

    My parents. NO matter how old you are, you always feel secured with their presence.

  18. Lauren:


  19. Fraser:

    It’s an interpretive question – If I lost all of my material possessions then I would say that I haven’t lost everything, or really anything important at all.

    If I lost all of my family and friends (which is closer to losing everything than mere materials), then I’d turn to myself for help, a find a way to survive.

  20. Tapestry:

    Whoever I felt the highest vibration of Love.

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