Question 781

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29 Responses to “Question 781”

  1. Crystal:

    My digestive system.

  2. Agnesagnessa:

    My old patterns and wounds

  3. Mazl:

    Being so distractable

  4. Chill:


  5. Drew:

    I would like to stop being so bitter.

  6. Susan:

    my attitude of superiority

  7. dada:

    I would like to be more creative

  8. jj:


  9. Leila:

    my selfishness

  10. Dave:

    My shyness/insecurity with women

  11. Anna:

    My inability to connect with people

  12. Wesley:

    Nothing. I have my pluses and minuses, I think I’m aware of all of them, and none of them are of great harm to anyone …so why change?

  13. Debi:

    My weight.

  14. Heather:

    a lot of stuff at certain moments in time…and nothing when I really think about it.

  15. Courtney:

    Loosing motivation and focus so easily. Being easily discouraged.

  16. Barry:

    my sexual orientation

  17. alemeye sora:

    how to forgive…….for price tag person

  18. esha:

    i wanna change my talkative and outspoken personality

  19. Ria:

    My shyness and reserve. I wish I could be the outgoing leader type. They do better at job interviews.

  20. shelby:

    Everything bar my eyes and the way I see people.

  21. Rayton:

    My social skills, I would really like to become much more outgoing.

  22. Katie:

    My complete inability to deal with mean people.

  23. Cora:

    I laugh when people get hurt. i just cant help it. its really embarassing because i dont have the normal sympathy feeling others have when seeing others get hurt. its very uncontrolable for me. i think it really bothers my family… especially my kids. i love them and dont like to see them in pain, but i just laugh because its so hilarious to me. i try so hard to hold it back… i wish i could change that.

    and my butt is unproportionate to the rest of my body.

  24. Lauren:

    to develop an appreciation for the elements of my life that are necessary to accomplish
    but I detest having to endure….

  25. Me:

    I would want to change my nature of not reacting and letting people stomp on me.

  26. Lindsay:

    Stop wanting to change so many things about myself

  27. Nic:

    I’d like to be able to let down my walls more easily.

  28. southerngirl:

    my pessimistic outlook on life – and lack of motivation to change

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