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  1. m:

    that i slept alot.. that i was short.

  2. Susan:

    Probably a lot of the same stuff they say about everyone at their funerals . . . ‘she loved her friends and family and was a great person …’ They always say glowing things about everyone regardless if those things are true or not …

  3. Drew:

    God, I hope something good. I mean, everybody always says something good. If you don’t, people look at you like you’re the Anti-Christ. But I suppose they would say that I was nice and that I meant something to them, but I don’t think that I can say anything past there without sounding arrogant and full of myself. I’d just like to think that I meant a lot to a lot of people and that somebody, I don’t care who it is, took my teachings to heart. They listened. And they didn’t stop loving people, even after I was gone, because they knew that that’s what I asked for of them. To always at least, try. You don’t need to succeed, all you need to do is try. I hope that happens when I die. I really do. For my own sake.

  4. dada:

    who knows
    if it s something good I would rather that they say it to me before I die

  5. She should have lived longer. She died too young. She was a nice, pleasant person and we will miss her greatly

  6. Rob:

    I wounldn’t presume to know. I do know that I’ve made real strides in ensure those who are important to me know it and that they know why. I try to offer encouragement to anyone I know whenever possible. In some ways I’d rather they just know I valued them. I don’t need the praise, my time would be done.

  7. Aaron:

    Man…Good question. I really hope it would just be something good. I do my best to be nice to everyone, so I could only imagine that it would be something nice.

    Might say I’m funny, nice, smart…not really so sure about the funny or smart…

  8. Heather:

    I HOPE they would say something along the lines of she was always smiling, and that smile made others smile too.
    I hope they say that I enriched and made others’ lives better and that I always helped someone when they were down.
    I hope they would say that she always loved and had patience.
    but who really knows. I know I’m not perfect, and I have my negative and mean moments, but I hope my better moments outweigh and outshine my bad.

  9. Mazl:

    I have just come home from yet another funeral of a best friend – the second in a month.

    I suspect ‘they’ would say much the same words about me…..?

    adding, I hope, maybe my love of yoghurt, my eccentricity, my inquisitiveness, my brand new kick scooter, my kindness, my music,
    my loves, my simple faith, my love of outdoors, of people…..

  10. Ravi:

    i don’t know. I am such a lonely person, hardly anyone will notice that I am dead.

  11. Lucy:

    Well, I get the point…. atleast we should work towards being a wonderful person that others miss you when you are gone. Even if we are true to few and have some value to few people…. we have done our work.

  12. Heath:

    Heath was awesome! He brought tons of friendship and genuine joy into the lives of everyone around him. We will miss him with the sorrow of a thousand crying angels.

    (maybe that last one is a bit overboard, but they always say that kind of stuff at funerals anyway)

  13. jj:

    “I bet you she is smiling even now.
    She was there for every one of us.
    Her optimism was contageous.
    The humor in her words made us all laugh until we cried.
    JJ was the one who could always listen to you and calm you down, and then cheer you up.
    It seems like she constantly knew what she was doing and where she was going.
    A brave girl, with a big heart.”

    Wow, writing this down makes me realy strive to achieve that.
    Thanks for this one!

  14. MrSexobeat:

    Let’s hope that he can lead us from up there.
    He IS one of the greatest leaders ever. He had the ability to encourage us ,he showed as that it was simple to fight and win, predicting the enemies next step, fighting without tomorrow. Doing it with our souls because we have more than just a reason for motivation.

    There’s one that we’ll never forget. He kept saying , rise up again and again , till lamps become lions.
    It was from a movie. His favorite phrase…

  15. Blink:

    This really hit me actually. I have so many insecurities I don’t actually know what people would say or what they think of me. Probably that I was always caffeinated and happy chirpy crazy

  16. Ilham:

    awkward things i guess. because i have been not so social person anywhere i stay.

  17. Mike G:

    Nothing. It’s my wish that there not be a wake or funeral. I don’t want to subject my immediate family to the cheesy, overly emotional nonsense. Like @Drew said, they have to say nice things. But that doesn’t mean the sentiments are true or sincere. As life will continue for everyone else in the world, I’d rather everyone focus on maximizing the rest of their lives.

  18. Alicia:

    Mike G.–interesting point, thanks for giving me something to think about.

    No idea how to answer this one. I wish I knew…mostly, I wish I’d hear what would be honestly said about me before I check out.

  19. esha:

    she was v young n unmarried

  20. Ria:

    She had a lot of potential…?

  21. just_jess:

    that i am a helpful person

  22. Cora:

    crazy, different, could make others laugh and always listened.

  23. Lauren:

    she had good intentions that were hard for many to see

  24. Me:

    Though I secretly hope it is something good – I know it could be something on the lines of she died at a young age.

  25. ed:

    That she believed that every child in the world deserved to be loved by someone and that no child in the world deserved to ever be hurt. That the world has not failed our children adults have failed our children. That the change comes when one person stands up and says I will take one child and love them forever. She may not have been able to save them all but she saved many.

  26. Joleen:

    She had big dreams and no one of them came true – don’t waste your time waiting.

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