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  1. Susan:

    I’ve made attempts to reconcile with my best friend from junior high school, but she has been unresponsive. I wish she would accept my apology and we could be friends again. Apparently that is not her wish, only mine. I guess this business will continue to remain unfinished after all these years. We are both now 54 years old. Sad that this cannot be resolved.

  2. Rob:

    At this moment, nothing.

  3. V3nD1:

    Sad indeed…

  4. Courtney:

    I never hit the fifteen year mark for dancing. Even though I generally hated the studio ever since childhood, it grew on me over time. It wasn’t about comparing myself to other dancers anymore or living up to the expectation of the instructors who criticized my every move– it was about self-improvement. I really did mature emotionally and developed a good amount of dancer skillage I was proud of ;]. I wish I saw it through til the end though.

  5. m:

    sleeping.. school

  6. Meera:

    Susan..I knw I hv no right to comment on ur problem..but still I can’t help it, I dnt think she deserves u..let her go..if she cnt forgive u after all these years she has certainly failed to understand u ri8? :):) sry for my

  7. Susan:

    Meera: I appreciate your comment and find it very thoughtful. Thank you!

  8. sunup:

    Learning to drive

  9. Ilham:

    to bring back my cousins’ comic books i took without permission when we were kids. i never meant to steal it. back then, we were kinda strict about family belongings and private ones. i didnt want them know that i took the comic books to lend them to my friends at school. but when they finished, i was not so witty or brave enough to give back the books in silent also. now they might still think i stole them. and yet i couldnt find the comic books.

  10. Alicia:

    I never really said a proper good-bye to members of a family that I knew for many years. I should have explained.

  11. Heather:

    the matter of my father…we’ll just leave it at that

  12. Ria:

    I was in Japan when the earthquake struck last year. I had the opportunity to go to the disaster area an volunteer rebuilding houses. I took my final exams instead. I should have just lived with bad grades and volunteered….

  13. Rayton:

    Never really having the opportunity to talk to my first love, to see how she is and hwat happened with her. It’s sad that once I couldn’t live without her, and now everything just carried on.

  14. Lauren:

    surpassingly, nothing… just finishing the job of becoming ‘me’

  15. Me:

    There were many chances to make a difference in the society but because of parental pressure I lost on all of them. Very soon I will take every chance that comes my way.

  16. Nic:

    I regret not being able to reconcile with my mother.

  17. southerngirl:

    not telling her what i really think about her sleeping with my husband & not telling her husband about their long affair…

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