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  1. depression..

  2. Susan:

    My son’s depression.
    Growing old.
    Both suck.

  3. Mazl:

    ….my 99 year old almost blind, deaf, unsteady mother-in-law leaving hospital this week and determined to continue living in her home with virtually no help. She dismisses everyone who tries to help. No professional or family member can convince her otherwise. She wants to live alone and whilst her mind is ok, no-one can make her do otherwise.

    It is distressing and difficult to come to grips with and respect her decision.

  4. jj:

    dad leaving, and still not explaining why.
    it still gets to me and influences my life and choices.

  5. Leila:

    that no matter how much you love someone, sometimes for whatever reason they just don’t want to be your friend anymore. if you’re putting in all the effort and they’re not, if they obviously don’t care anymore, it’s not that you haven’t tried. maybe it’s time to just let them go.
    that’s been hard for me.

  6. alwaysbelieve:

    daughter”s decision to live on the streets. it is hard to understand this choice of hers snd others for that matter.
    faith does ground me when I can let go and surrender to what is.

  7. Debi:

    The fact that I’m raising my grandchildren and trying to learn patience. Raising children is best left to young people, frustration at losing my freedom and wishing it was different. Handling this is very overwhelming sometimes and I feel like a failure. I’m doing my best and feel alone in this endeaver even though I’m not, it often feels like nobody else cares. Don’t get me wrong, I love these kids a lot, i just wish things were different. I greive for the Grandma I want to be!

  8. nunks:

    letting go, first of my perceptions of how things should or could have been then of my beautiful children as they grow up and rightfully so venture out on their own.

  9. m:

    that i can’t sleep as much as i can.. that one day i’m going to be old and i really want to stay young forever.

  10. Alex:

    To Debbie:
    A hard thing for me to get a grip of was my sisters drug addiction. I lacked a normal childhood because of her. Now, like you, my mother has custody of her grandson. While I know this can be extremely overwhelming, know that you are doing something absolutely amazing. You are showing your grandchildren what familial love is and that is truly irreplaceable. I commend you for being in your grandchildrens lives. While this isn’t the Plan you had in mind, you will be
    More loved as a grandmother because you are doing so much. I send my love and support to you

  11. Audrey:

    Moving in with my parents as their carer. That was 3 years ago – and now i think it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Both have now died, peacefully, without pain, and most importantly at home….but it was very, very tricky to keep calm,sane and get to grips with such a different world.

  12. HappyDaze:

    my best friend telling me that he loves me and then retracting it like it meant nothing.

  13. Luz:


  14. Emma:

    Lately it’s been realizing that my sister will be gone in a few months when she leaves to boot camp.

  15. Kendall:

    I will never know the unknown

  16. Lo':

    How people change.

  17. Joy:

    That there are actually very evil people out there who stop at nothing to wreak havoc on people’s lives that they once loved.

  18. Rayton:

    That what once was, what was once possible, will never happen and never be the same.

  19. Katie:

    That I am just not enough for Anyone to really put effort into.

  20. Catriona:

    that my grandparents and my parents won’t always be here. the thought of life without them is devastating.

  21. Cora:


  22. Lauren:

    that if I don’t face what I fear, I will become a person who fears everything that she faces…

  23. Me:

    That some people hurt me too much for no fault of mine

  24. Lindsay:

    That some people aren’t worth the pain

  25. southerngirl:

    that in the last 5 years my marriage is over, i lost my job, and my two best friends in the world so ultimately I can’t get over the depression and HUGE changes in my life

  26. London:

    Katie, I promise you will find the person/people who love you. Be strong till you find the right people <3

  27. Chrissy:

    Knowing that the one I love is ruining his life, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it…

  28. bwatt:

    1)one day all of the people that i know and love wont be around forever. 2)i don’t have it all together (school, my future, my current situations)3)i’ll never understand the reason for existence

  29. Faith Pinnell:

    I deal with the same thing Leila is dealing with, Loving someone and they not wanting to love or be my friend back. My ex-friend and I talked almost daily. Then it hit like a ton of bricks, He said I hurt him and wasn’t going to put up with it. I had just asked why he hadn’t talked to me in a few days. He wouldn’t even talk to me to try to fix it. We texted for a day or two because I was trying to figure out what happened or explain why I ask that,then that was it. Nothing!

  30. Me:

    the sudden and unexpected death of one of my best friends. Its been almost 2 years and it still doesn’t feel real.

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