Question 786

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30 Responses to “Question 786”

  1. Wesley:

    Don’t lie. It just digs a hole that cannot be filled.

  2. Tanya:

    Honesty is one moral value everybody should live by .

  3. Agnessa:

    Everybody is human, just like you.

  4. Ebere:

    The golden rule; do unto others what you would like them to do you.

  5. Nina:

    Faith, hope and love–but the greatest of these is love.

  6. jj:

    Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

    I can see this has already been said, and I think it could just prove that it is one of the highest moral values there is.

  7. Debi:

    I totally agree with Ebere and jj, it can’t be said enough.

  8. Angria:

    Honesty, respect, courtesy…the list goes on.

  9. Chill:

    Do somthing nice for someone when you can and hope the favor gets passed on.

  10. m:

    sleep all the time… never give up.

  11. Ravi:

    simple. everyone should mind their own business.

  12. Leila:

    forgive and love again. Lord knows you have needed forgiveness in the past and you will need it in the future too, so you have no place to say that they don’t deserve it, when you would want it for yourself. regardless of whether they deserve it or are even sorry…love is greater than hate/unforgiveness/hardness of heart.

  13. alwaysbelieve:

    forgiveness and we are all unique in our own way

  14. My values are honesty and fairness.

  15. Shastacc:

    Kindness. Always be kind and share kindness. The rest will fall into place.

  16. Heather:

    love unconditionally

  17. Luz:

    Honesty and compassion

  18. Ria:

    You are not always the most important thing in the room, you are not the center of the universe, think of others first.

  19. Lo':

    Always be real with people.
    That doesn’t mean you have to disclose every little secret of your life, but be genuine, be honest.

  20. Abu:

    Love.. all of the above comes under this rule

  21. Joy:

    Be Kind 🙂

  22. Rayton:

    Everyone deserve the same treatment and attitude. We all have the potential for greatness, for spreading wellfare and changing the world positively, so act kindly.

  23. Lauren:

    empathy is free, and may be the most undervalued commodity society is missing

    everyone is fighting their own battle… be patient and kind even if you don’t understand

  24. Me:

    Be honest!

  25. Compassion

  26. southerngirl:

    honesty and compassion

  27. London:

    Compassion for all humanity – there is good in every person 🙂

  28. grasshopper:

    Hate everyone passionately…morality is a conspiracy

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