Question 787

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  1. Tapio J.:

    To be honest, I can’t come up with anything.
    As if there was something, then I wouldn’t be here, not like this, not as me as I am at the very moment.
    I guess this was the easiest though question for me so far.

  2. hard2crak:

    Watching TV, I know there are a lot of educational & entertainment shows but trust me it just turns us into unproductive beings who can actually use that that time to go outdoors or spend time with our loved ones.

  3. Alicia:

    You should never waste your time on anything that wastes your time. What that is, or what those activities are, depends on you. If you want to have more time, make the decision and do something.

  4. V3nD1:

    If you like to waste your time, then your time has not been wasted.

  5. faryn:


  6. Meera:


  7. Susan:

    Worry and regret.

  8. Mazl:

    finishing a book or a movie that you know is going nowhere but you have this false sense of duty to stay to the end

  9. Jodie:

    …trying to change a person. The only thing you can change on another person are clothes and diapers!!!

  10. Paul:

    I consider watching television that is not directly related to your interests or hobbies is a waste of time. For myself, I like model railroading, nature, and history. I will watch those programs and rarely any others.

  11. Sam:

    On convincing others.

  12. Christina:


  13. alwaysbelieve:

    closed minded persons – not seeing what a beautiful world this is

  14. m:

    not sleeping.. always sleep.. dumb and immature people. or abusive relationships

  15. Hating. Hate is useless.

  16. Heather:


  17. Luz:

    Watch football on tv

  18. Bella:

    Celebrity gossip

  19. Chill:

    You should never waste your time on deciding what to do.

  20. Regret.

  21. Hane:


  22. Adriana:

    The past…its done with and cannot be changed.

  23. dada:

    Worry and regret.

  24. Monica:


  25. Gerardo:

    ironing, washing your car

  26. Ria:

    Self-pity, arguing with people.

  27. Lo':

    Competing for a place in someone’s life.
    If they want me there, I will be, but I’m unwilling to subjugate myself for someone else’s entertainment.

  28. Rayton:

    Being afraid, or feeling uncomfortable.

  29. Racki:


  30. Cora:

    negative thoughts

  31. Lauren:

    worrying, critiquing the lives of others and self-loathing

  32. Me:

    thinking about what others think about you

  33. Nic:

    Trying to reason with fanatics, bigots and other close-minded people.

  34. London:

    People who dont love you and treat you the wrong way – they are not worth your time.

  35. Chrissy:

    Trying to help someone who refuses to accept it.

  36. Me:

    shitty people. Its important to spend your time with positive people who make you happy and bring out the best in you, not try to bring you down.

  37. Me:

    Also… worrying about the past.

    or worrying what other people think of you.

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