Question 788

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21 Responses to “Question 788”

  1. Drew:

    Here’s a rule for everyone. Remember this please.

    “If you have to whisper it, then you probably shouldn’t say it.”

    So no, I don’t know what people say about me.

  2. Heather:

    I try not to listen. =)

  3. m:

    that i never sleep.. that i’m shy.

  4. that i am boss has been sayin that since 2 years! n i am so NOT >.< grrrr

  5. Luz:

    I don´t care this

  6. Bella:

    That because I Pray, I’m strange and mental.

  7. y:

    I never cry and hurt

  8. Kendall:

    That I am a heartless bitch with walls up a million feet in the air. I’m not though, they just accuse me of being that before asking me to confide in them

  9. esha:

    i dun know

  10. dada:

    They dare not talk about me bad 🙂

  11. Lo':

    That I am “experienced” or “get around”.

    I’m a virgin.

  12. Abu:

    that i’m short tempered

  13. Jill:

    that i’m a slut. thats funny because they cant find one guy that ive slept with.

  14. Lauren:

    I am not who I used to be…

  15. Me:

    That I have a wonderful life – uncomplicated and lovely with wonderful friends and family around me.

    Rather it is just the opposite

  16. Bilbo:

    I have no clue. Don’t think I am the topic of much conversation.

  17. Lindsay:

    That I don’t care.

  18. Nic:

    That I’m self-confident and can deal with anything. I’m not, and I can’t. It’s a mask.

  19. London:

    There are always going to be people who will tell you what a bad person you are and how much your failing. Even if they re right, NEVER BELIEVE THEM ! Every person has good in them <3

  20. ABrownie:

    I have a perfect life…I don’t, I just don’t tell anyone what’s bothering me.

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