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  1. Blink:

    Wow, an incredible amount. I’m at university, I’m not partying every night, I’ve got a decent relationship with my parents, I know in myself who I am now. My life has changed 90% for the better in the last 5 years.

  2. Luz:

    1. Smarter
    2. Own life’s philosofy
    3. Healthy
    4. Happiest

  3. m:

    i sleep more.. i have more confidence

  4. Rebecca:

    I understand myself more

  5. Angria:

    I have made a complete 180. The person who I was five years ago is not necessarily gone, but is still incredibly different. For the first time in my life, I do not know for sure who I am and where I will go. And I think I am okay with that because I am who I am at the right moment in my life.

  6. Heather:

    I can deal with stress much better

  7. jj:

    I finally have the insights and courage to totally redefine my life.

  8. dada:

    more self-esteem
    faster recovery
    I know what I want

  9. Ria:

    A BA degree, fluency in a foreign language, a great boyfriend^^

  10. Lo':

    Unlike five years, I have no desire to die.

  11. Funny, five years ago to this day, my parents told me we were moving out of state. I cryed so hard, but now, I am not shy at all, became very outgoing, started running, realized my old friends were very immature, changed my religion, and found out who I am. I love my new life.

  12. Nate:

    I now have a good group of friends, a lot more then I did five years ago. I can actually go out and talk to girls pretty easy. I’m a lot smarter now (well I was 17 five years ago).
    Overall I’m now socially awesome and confident.

  13. Catriona:

    I have friends who genuinely care about me now. I have more confidence and life skills. I have the confidence to tell my mum when things aren’t going ok. I can fight for things I truly care about. I can be on my own but now I never have to be on my own.

    Most of the time i’m happy now.

  14. Rayton:

    I’m now feeling more uniquely me, like I’m finally living honestly with myself and doing what I love. I also consider my deeds, my future and my dreams more thoroghly, making goals and proceeding in achieving them, not merely passing my time. I also learnt toappreciate many things much better and developed a clearer sence of who I amand what I like and what not.

  15. Lauren:

    I know where I’m headed…
    and how far it is to get there

  16. Me:

    I have accepted myself – and am at peace with my past

  17. Lindsay:

    I have met new and incredible people

    I’m almost a university graduate

  18. southerngirl:

    I know who my friends are…

  19. David:

    OH WOW, I could just go on and on. Not only for the obvious things like self confidence and pure knowledge and understanding. I can see all my options in life clearly and the consequences they entail. I’ve developped a more substantial relationship with God. I also learnt to let go of some friends that we’re holding me back, and seek buddies that contributed positively to my life. Great question btw!

  20. Me:

    MANY! I was a hot mess 5 years ago. Partying all of the time, hanging out with negative people.

    Now I am a Mother and I live a simple, quiet life. I have realized what is important and what is not. I find joy and beauty in things like: spending time with my family, being outside and enjoying nature, going for long walks, etc…

    I am A LOT happier now. And A LOT wiser and mature.

  21. When you take care of your mindset and the way you live your life, you won’t have to show it to othres People will just know It will be evident in your body language, the way you will move, sit, talk, voice tonality, facial expressions, the way you dress and carry yourself, all starts with your mindset .Affirmations worked for me.. I do mirror affirmations everyday..Google affirmations for confidence .Do them 1st thing in the morning and before bed at night .You will see changes in your mindset within 30 days if u stay consistent .Its an everyday process just like brushing your teeth. Just as we have to take care of our body, we have to take care of our mind as well..esp what we allow into our minds keeping negativity away in all forms get rid of negative friends, watch less news(mostly negative if u noticed), have hobbies, passions, goals ur striving towards, live a life of integrity, be authentic and genuine, don’t try to please othres, speak your mind, etc..

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