Question 790

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32 Responses to “Question 790”

  1. Susan:

    S e r e n i t y

  2. Bella:


  3. Mazl:

    Total focus

  4. Kesha:


  5. Rebecca:


  6. Drew:

    Fucking peace, fucking answers, fucking nice people. Anything. Truth, God, Poetry, Kindness. It’s so hard to say why things happen and it’s so easy to give easy answers and find simple solutions but so often is something left. It’s like the human soul is designed for struggle. To scrape the spaces inside ourselves to get some sort of spark, some little thing called life and to share it.

    To share what real fucking life is.

    And I suppose that’s what I’m still looking for. I’m looking for a way to really be honest. With myself and other people. I’m looking for a way to love, other people and myself. I’m looking for a way to hope. I’m looking for something to help me settle into the sea that is myself and not just settle, not just let myself be another shipwreck. I’m just looking for whatever thing will help me be okay with being human. We’re beautiful, and so beautifully stupid. We’re fuck ups and I think there’s some magic still left in being one of those. I’m happy in my weirdness. Always fighting and fiercely hopeful until the end.

  7. Nina:

    Meaning and a place to belong, a place of my own.

  8. y:

    how to survive rest of my life

  9. pit:


  10. Rob:

    Clarity. There are moments when I think that I have it, and moments that I struggle

  11. Chill:

    The truth.

  12. Sam:

    Absolute peace.

  13. Angria:

    Finding peace in the struggle, in the suffering.
    Learning to live my life without letting the suffering limit me.
    Trying to continue my search for the truth that I tried to deny for so many years.
    Accepting the person I am becoming without falling back into the despair and shame.

  14. m:

    a good bed to sleep in.. love.

  15. Kat:


  16. Heather:

    a place

  17. Kendall:

    Friends. I want a close group of friends that wants to hang out and be with each other and who dont flake out on me because they can. I want friends who know me inside and out, can handle my sometimes random and vibrant personality, and love being around each other.

  18. jj:

    My true self.

  19. dada:

    some creative job to do

  20. Luz:


  21. Lindsey:

    According to my girlfriend, chocolate without calories. Too good not to share.

  22. Lo':


  23. Abu:

    My purpose

  24. Marit:

    I agree with Angria

  25. Cora:


    faith in my decisions

  26. Rayton:

    Entire belief and true confidence in myself, I’m sure the rest will derive from that.

  27. Lauren:

    peace during times of doubt….

  28. Me:


  29. Lindsay:


  30. AM:

    peace of mind. But I am happy to say, I am getting closer and closer!

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